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  1. Any chance deathwalk could be implemented? I've had times where it fails to get prayer up fast enough and end up losing items
  2. Thanks for the quick response, works like a charm now! Are you planning to add support for barrows repairing anytime soon?
  3. Can there be an option where it doesn't bank the death and fire runes? Currently using Iban's blast but it banks the runes when it resets
  4. Everything's going well so far. Just a little note, it says "Welcome to Optimus Yak Fighter!" in the console as well Love your scripts!
  5. Can you add support for divine magic/ranging potions?
  6. Is there any chance we will be reimbursed some time after fixes have been implemented?
  7. Currently broken for me, not sure if it's a bug. Gets stuck at bank saying "Could not find any items matched filter." "out of item" and "Amulet of Glory"
  8. Is there a way to disable mouse input and disable graphics on startup?
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