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  1. I opened osbuddy using jar instead of exe and it worked, however it is extremely laggy. Is there any way to fix that?
  2. nope, that's exactly what I meant. Sometimes it does teleport back to the cave with full inventory of loot.
  3. got craws bow drop today and the bot was just WALKING out of rev cave like no biggie. Luckily I was half babysitting the bot so I stopped the script and walked to lvl 30 and teled out lol. Makes me think how many mils I have lost due to bugs, I have also seen bot teleing to grand excahnge after certain amount of loot and then teleing BACK to lava maze with all the loot in inv lol. Will probably soon be looking for alternative rev bot.
  4. keep getting activity timeout 10 minutes! and also get running more than one instances message quite often, how do I fix these things?
  5. got one account banned today using this bot. All my fault tho, left the bot on for the night botting 8 hours straight without a break. Lesson for anyone who is thinking of leaving their bot overnight without setting breaks. Don't do it.
  6. how come it only uses 75 ether to recharge the bracelet? and any tips on reducing the false alarms?
  7. doesn't teleport from clan wars bank (just stays in antiban mode) had to manually teleport myself. Once teleported script started working for a minute and teleported back to clan wars
  8. update: gear switching does work. The only problem is that it doesn't solve the puzzles. If that's fixed I will be happy to purchase the bot
  9. seems to be running ok, but doesn't switch to range gear. And also doesn't solve the puzzles
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