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  1. Request: Simple Woodcutting taskDescription: Basically what I am looking for or requesting is a simple yew woodcutter, I'm not really going for gp, want to perform like an alt account player. There is a yew tree near Draynor. (I will give the exact location to the one I want), I want it to chop this specific yew tree, and hop through the worlds till it reaches a full inventory then run to the bank to bank them and run back to that tree. I would like it to not always click the same locations. I'm not looking for the fastest rate of xp or yews p/h. I simply want to run it like a human being alt account and not be banned. Payment Amount: US $10-25Time: Take your time no rushAdditional: Not sure how much something like this would cost, doesn't seem to complex. (I can take a short video for you to show you exactly what I mean)
  2. Oh okay, I think you misunderstood my post a bit. That's not what I'm referring to when I say "replying to players" I'm talking about say you're woodcutting magic trees, and another player is trying to talk to you. If you don't reply they automatically assume its a bot. Would if you change all your filters to off, or on friends only, never talk on the account and have the right filters.
  3. Awesome release! Thank you so much!
  4. Don't use your main playing IP. You can bot on your mule accounts but I would personally avoid it after leveling the account a bit to not make it look so muley. When trading try to throw some extra random items in on both ends of the account, iron arrow, runes, dagger etc. (I personally like to have my inventory full of stuff so as I'm walking through the game its as almost as I wasn't "prepared" for someone one to come randomly trade that amount of stuff to me so I have to give it something) Like homie above said there is no guarantee 100% success of avoiding bans. It is honestly as simple as this, make yourself appear like a real human being on all your account even if it means logging in and throwing something in the GE, or fishing for 10 minutes. You're building up a report for your account every time you log-in and out. So when playing on your accounts, keep in mind what your normal "task" you could say is to do, so if they do look into your account they can see what the account is normally doing. Be smart, think of the things they have access to as Jagex Administration. And always stay away from free scripts, free proxies stay away from free if you're really pushing to be successful with this. It is worth it. If I can leave you with anything just don't bot on account you genuinely care about. Good luck hope this helps.
  5. Not sure what you mean when you say "if you're buying or selling"
  6. I'm curious if because I don't reply back to someone that trades me, or talks to me whatever the case might be does that increase my chance of being banned? Would if I turned all of those filters to off so if Jagex were to look further into the account as to why I'm not responding that would help in my case? I feel like its a big reason why bans can occur or cause someone to report you to be looked into. I know I'm not required as a human being to reply or trade back to anyone its completely up to me, but I doubt they look at it the same. Not looking for an answer, just a general talk topic to share some thoughts, feedback, or experience.
  7. Not sure if you know about this, today I came home to find the bot stuck at the grand exchange trying to buy more feathers, it kept trying to "collect" them but couldn't because my inventory was full, not sure why it didn't know not to bank or drop them. I have no idea how long it was doing this I had breaks going, surprised I'm not banned actually. Also it would be cool to have an option to buy more feathers rather then 1,000 feathers at a time. I enjoy this script so far, and your others that I've tried. I'm not sure why that happened, bit disappointed but its okay only the first day and hopefully many more to come with it. I know it was stuck for awhile considering I left this morning with 36 fishing and came back to 44.
  8. Thanks for your advice, I was your comment on aAgility topic of your progress with the v3 script. I am new here and do appreciate the help and guidance and tips, if you want to message me or have a discord I could join I would love to get into it so I can learn. Thank you once again. I am just going to fresh start which sucks so much..
  9. Basically my question is how risky is it to purchase one of these accounts you can see for yourself on player auctions, the maxed staking accounts. I was permed on my main account this morning apparently, I don't have the time to do the same thing over and over again which is why I'm considering buying an account using it as a main basically, questing & training skills. Please leave some helpful feedback if you have experience.
  10. Banned at seers course. Always used looking glass and would never run more then 2 hours a day. So I have no idea how I was detected or what might've triggered it had 10+ days of successful running.
  11. Hi I'm new here so please don't be rude. I noticed when you use a script that offers a "premium trial" the script will go away after the script has been ran for that amount of time that the trial is offered. Even if you stop it after 12 minutes and run it again for another 48 minutes. You still get that full amount of time they offer. My question: When you purchase a script the full version that costs credit for x amount of days, do you get that full amount of actual script run time like as in the trial? Ex: Purchase a premium script for 3 credits for 2 weeks. Do I get 2 weeks worth of actual time running the script and it only count when I am running it or will it go away after 14 days from the original purchase date. I tried to make this as simple and easy as I could for someone to understand. Looking for an answer from someone who's been here awhile and purchased enough scripts to know.
  12. (Not sure if you have a thread for it already) Recently opened up the script and saw "aAgility v3 Beta" wow is that exciting. Not sure how it runs as I would rather be safe than sorry. I know v2 works perfect for me. But it made me think of a couple thing I'm not sure if you would want to take into consideration possibly. 1. Marks of grace - Marks of grace are a stackable item as I'm sure you know. When running the script letting the grace stack, as long as the script still has enough time left still to run as long as you're doing agility each mark resets the drop timer. Keep in mind not all courses this would be possible because some courses have multiple spawning locations. 2. Darts - I think it would be super cool to have a dart-fletching option very similar to the high-alch option. Please note these are just some suggestions that popped up in my head. They are just suggestions simple as that. I support this script. I don't know how time consuming or how hard it would be to add either of those things.
  13. Not sure if you know about this, but whenever using summer pies as food & setting it up to eat them in the behavior tab about 2-3 summer pies in the script stops eating them even when you have plenty in your inventory. Not really a big deal to me as I watch my script and don't mind clicking a pie whenever it de-boosts. Sometimes it will do my whole inventory of summer pies and works fine. Also I am using LG. So not sure if that could effect it. I love this script it is brilliant and the amount of customization to set you character apart from others as well as making it seem exactly like a real player. Worth every penny if you're hesitant!
  14. Thanks for helping me out I do appreciate that. Guess I should've clicked the "read me" to begin with, I'm sorry.
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