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  1. Okay thanks I also sent you a PM regarding my old tribot account.
  2. Is anyone else getting this and does anyone know why it's happening and how I can fix it? Never seen this before.. The bot was working fine for me yesterday. Thanks. https://gyazo.com/3616eb7a66d3c5951efdf992f178e2e7
  3. Tried testing this and still nto working won't connect to the client says I must use a browser and about different types of java. Currently running the old client with osbuddy on 64 bit no issues. Works fine just have the login bot error. Any ideas?
  4. I am still using this bot to date and it is working fine. I took my screenshots down due to receiving 2 bans after I posted them. Use the older tribot loader or wait for an update. I used this script to make 4 accounts in the last 24 hours.
  5. Any way to get stamina support in this script?
  6. Trying to run 5 accounts and they all keep getting stuck in draynor agility not very far into the script.
  7. Could you look into adding "Wanted!" as a quest it would gain enough slayer to do animal magnetism and get avas with minimal skilling?
  8. Okay sounds good here are some progress reports not in any order but one of each quest completed. I ran 9 accounts I've only had the script for 14 hours roughly. I found almost all accounts got stuck after lighting the torch in sea slug, if I clicked mini map to move it then fixed itself. 2 Accounts got stuck using the port sarim charter boa, opened it up but didn't click the location it wanted to go. I closed the maps and it re tried itself and worked. After killing the demon in grand tree it got stuck when the king asked the guards to check the passage, it would re-click the king before the cut scene could start. One account got stuck after talking to the king about the gloughs fleet in grand tree, I tried to move it but nothing worked, I tried to restart script and see if it would continue but nothing. I just skipped to fight arena after that. 2 Accounts died on fight area, I restarted the 1 script and it just continued and finished, the other account didn't so I just skipped this quest and moved to lost city. Overall I enjoyed my experience and it has saved me a lot of time on these 9 accounts and I hope to save me time on the next 36 I plan on creating. A++!
  9. Sorry for the double post, where can I find the correct format to report any bugs so I can help make this a better script? If you need anything to make this script better and I could help let me know. Not that you probably don't already have enough resources. Thanks!
  10. Hey just like to say so far I like the script! I am currently running 9 accounts on LG and they are all at the woodcutting stages! I did have 2 get stuck at Draynor Agility Course. I didn't see what it was stuck doing but it should have been starting the course and I didn't get a log as I just clicked near the beginning of the agility course and it started working again. The two accounts had gotten stuck right beside the building where it starts the course. Besides that it's working flawlessly so far. I started my accounts at g/e with 1 bond and 1.5-2m on each account. I look forward to buying more instances and making many many accounts. I will post an update once it gets to the questing stages! Thanks! A++!
  11. I want to buy this but running the trial it just takes out supplies and puts back in the bank and repeats
  12. Yes I have been using LG Version 8 update 211. Oh that sucks I thought it was stable in re sizable mode.
  13. Yes I had these all set but maybe my Tribot client was not opened big enough? It seems to be working better now, but sometimes get stuck in the bank or on the message just before killing Zulruh. I also notice my guy try's to go the opposite way of the board you board to enter Zulrah. I notice when killing Zulruh if I pause script and manual leave the bank and enter Zulruh as it is killing Zulruh it clicks in the opposite direction and try's to run off the island but there's no where to go and it just keeps clicking the mini map. Also when I die it runs to the eats side of Fally castle and just spam clicks the mini map and runs back and forth in the same spot. It's been working in non resizable mode with no issues though. Any Suggestions?
  14. I keep running in resizable mode and the bot says going to portal but runs up by the LMS bank deposit box. What can I do? Even in regular mode it just says going to "destination" but it sits stuck...
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