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  1. Does anyone have any solutions besides the common problems found on this forum with a simple search?
  2. How do I stop Runelite from closing when I type? I use it with LG and wait for it to hook before typing I can login but it happens again. I let it hook in and got to type on login but when I walk around and try to type after a few minutes it crashes again. Any help? Thanks.
  3. Hi just wondering if anyone has issues when running 6+ instances of this script? My CPU and RAM are only hitting 50-60% tops with 7 looking glass clients running this scripts but the script starts performing slower. Stands around longer before attack the next NPC or walking etc but when I run other scripts the attack monsters right after the combat is done from the other. When I close 2 clients and only run 5 looking glass clients and run the script it goes back to normal when they attack NPCs right after the next. Why does it delay like this when I have so many running but my computer is only running at about half of it's 100% capability? @Optimus Need help please.
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