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  1. Made me a script very quickly, thanks for your efforts!
  2. @HeyImJamie hey are you gonna fix the worldhopper to f2p? Or add a blacklist world thing that we can fill in to fix this
  3. Yesterday . It doesn’t happen super often but it Happened like 3 times in total. ( was using 5 accs). Also i noticed it sometimes spams using bones on the altar eventhough it’s automated. Could be great if that was looked at tho which could cause some bans. (Wildy altar)
  4. I think dying to the crazy archeologist that’s near the temple would be efficienter also it’s been worldhopping to f2p worlds hope you can take a look at this
  5. Hey are you planning to push this soon, I’ve been having that issue ever since i bought the script.
  6. @HeyImJamie the scripts gets sometimes stuck after unnoting .It has the bones clicked and cant go to the next action( click portal)
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