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  1. I am a developer by trade but I'm not sure what bot scripts look like. I want to write a script that mines iron and then super heats and repeats. Can anyone link me to a simple mining script I could start with as an example and build from there?
  2. Can you please up date this to not be in a specific location? I would like to do this in alkarid on a f2p but the bot breaks every time I launch it. Please just make this universal, why do I need to be in p2p? I just want to mine heat drop repeat
  3. I don't need help installing or running, I'm not an idiot. Currently my issue lies in the code for Tribot. There is no way for me, that I know of, to disable the custom windows that Tribot uses to house it's application. I have managed to get Runelite setup correctly but, here is the issue, When TRibot.jar launches it uses a some window chrome that prevents me from moving the application around. I had the same problem with Runelite but there is an option within Runelite to disable use of "custom window chrome" and that allowed me to interact with Runelite as expected. So my two questions are whether or not I can do this inside Tribot and if not can I give the .jar a parameter to use the default system window chrome? I've tried googling this but I feel like I'm not wording it properly and the goog keeps telling me to sit. Any help would be appreciated!
  4. I would like to buy this! I am fine with using and paying for a middle man. Can I contact you on discord?
  5. Dude I know you're not working on this anymore but would you please update this to work with D claws
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