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  1. Btc payments for credits please, it's becoming more challenging to get credits each month from resellers.
  2. What needs to be fixed immediately with TRiBot 11: What should be fixed soon for TRiBot 11: Other misc feedback: https://gyazo.com/1c3c00ff5277fba1ed0604874b7e7690 The tab information when i load a LG client doesn't show the proxy i used when initially loading the client for some reason, seems to be using the proxy but gives no information on the tab. Trying to use java 11 for oprs and 8 for loading tribot just doesn't seem to work at all they conflict for some reason and i can never actually open the tribot client once i install java 11.
  3. Anyone not using this script already should be, Works brilliant naton is always open to suggestions for stuff to add the bot and has already added numerous requests, Fixes any issues super quickly as well awesome and very useful script.
  4. idk why people are crying about LG tbh, Vip-e for me is mainly for proxies LG is a bonus when it's working if it isn't thenGG $8 suck it up not killing the bank
  5. 10/10 script, been waiting a while for this release already ran multiple accounts through
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