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  1. its standing at vwb doing nothing :/ got iron ore in bank and nats and staff and also inv tried everything
  2. I already make pk vids, wont post on here inb4 user is banned in rs lol search up some 07 g maul vids one of them is me i have 3 pk vids
  3. why aren't people buying for cooking xp at 95+ with cooking gaunts you can't burn them and why aren't people cooking them for profit sharks are 100-150gp more expensive then raw and why one earth isn't there a demand for the most common pking food? reason why is because there is not many pkers out there yet, trust me.. also, the number of players on rs is like 30k.. back in 07 there was like 200k :/ so.. this game needs to up in players or it will fail lol..
  4. updated ! leggo whip pure
  5. botted fightcaves overnight, not banned. just be carefull on the botwatch times which is 10pm today UK time.. when its botwatch time stop botting for 1 hour or two, the event only lasts around an hour... stay safe brahs
  6. Hey mate, toning up is quite easy if you dont have much do lose, to lose chubbyness i would say try the keto diet? its really amazing, i am going to go back on it as i cant be bothered with intermittent fasting, Keto you will just need to have proteins and fats.. no carbs, if you have any sort of carb it must be from say the cheese, some cheeses have carbs in, What my macros look like on Keto: 200 protein, 75g fat and around 10g carbs. i try to keep under 10g carbs a day it is hard to start of with but after the first 3-4 days you will get used to it and your body will start to enter ketosis, where it uses fats as energy For the toning up the body, if you dont have much time to hit a gym i would say do bodyweight exercise at home? you might think ugh.. but hey its not to much, Before bed do as many press ups as you can, you want to try hit 100, if not build up to it each day, you will get there trust me might take like a week or two Do squats without any weight, look up free squats on youtube its just bodyweight, this will tone your legs up, you also use alot of your core doing this, and all that testosterone comes from them legs. There is a challenege of squats doing starting of with 200 a day each day add on 5 extra squats for the day for a month your legs will look awesome and so will your core (abs)
  7. nope one of my bots got banned, dat no mercy lul
  8. yesi also disagree, i have total 5 bots, 4 are the ones who make the gpz 1 is my pure... 1 of my wc bots got banned while doing flax, all the other bots are not banned.
  9. or atleast take it down for alittle bit? like a few days let the people who have already downloaded it keep it xD? PLEASE i dont get how this is profitable i buy the runes for an expensive price, ? please tell me how i make money :/
  10. I did. Download the new version. I just did mate :] thanks! do you know how much this is per hour? and how much it costs to run 1 hour cause if you tell me and hits high i will love you, no homo, i want to bot this on my 4accounts, i wont crash prices though xD
  11. thank you mate! :] appreciate it, can you make it do the profitable runes please
  12. 6 ft dropped down to 79kg now xD 174 pounds, im almost shredddeddd though o.O
  13. i dont think albuterex is all that i think its something chestbrah promotes to make some cash