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  1. You want to lose fat? Come here

    Hey mate, toning up is quite easy if you dont have much do lose, to lose chubbyness i would say try the keto diet? its really amazing, i am going to go back on it as i cant be bothered with intermittent fasting, Keto you will just need to have proteins and fats.. no carbs, if you have any sort of carb it must be from say the cheese, some cheeses have carbs in, What my macros look like on Keto: 200 protein, 75g fat and around 10g carbs. i try to keep under 10g carbs a day it is hard to start of with but after the first 3-4 days you will get used to it and your body will start to enter ketosis, where it uses fats as energy For the toning up the body, if you dont have much time to hit a gym i would say do bodyweight exercise at home? you might think ugh.. but hey its not to much, Before bed do as many press ups as you can, you want to try hit 100, if not build up to it each day, you will get there trust me might take like a week or two Do squats without any weight, look up free squats on youtube its just bodyweight, this will tone your legs up, you also use alot of your core doing this, and all that testosterone comes from them legs. There is a challenege of squats doing starting of with 200 a day each day add on 5 extra squats for the day for a month your legs will look awesome and so will your core (abs)
  2. Whats your weight?

    6 ft dropped down to 79kg now xD 174 pounds, im almost shredddeddd though o.O
  3. Albuterex <3

    i dont think albuterex is all that i think its something chestbrah promotes to make some cash
  4. Lol your lifts kill mine my DL is hovering around 405 lbs and bench about 265ish (haven't maxed in awhile) You're a lot leaner than me too I'm 193 Lb's 5'11 but I'm starting my cut in 3 days I've only been lifting for like 18 months though and about 9 of those I've actually known what I was really doing. What supps you on? meh i have used alotta supps in the past but i dont like them.. My preworks outs i have used have been Jack3d and iso energey lolol uhh my post workout usually 100% standerd whey, or matrix.. shit tastes like crap though at the moment im not on any sups im just having some multi vits, omega 3 fish oil and zinc.. thats about it really Moar legz!! Nah but got any leg pics? yeah i do they are on my fb which i deactivated i will try find some though.. or just take some new ones aha
  5. Intermittent Fasting

    I did that exact same diet for a while. 4 hours window 1.8k total kcal, never noticed any extra fat loss. Coach got me cutting on a around 2.45k cals right now? Cheat days = no thanks jeff why so many brah? So you're saying Intermittent Fasting doesn't work? I was planning to try it out when I cut in 6 months or so. IF is one of the best diets out there along with keto.. give it a go, if you stick to it you wont be disappointed..
  6. Intermittent Fasting

    I did that exact same diet for a while. 4 hours window 1.8k total kcal, never noticed any extra fat loss. Coach got me cutting on a around 2.45k cals right now? Cheat days = no thanks jeff why so many brah? you sure you didnt notice any good fat loss? damn i do!, did you stick to the 4 hour window so you only had water or sugerfree drinks during the fast?.. omg coahces sometimes dont know shit srs, 2.45k cals to cut will be so damn slow maybe even a bulk depending on your metabolic rate.. give 1.6k cal defict a go.. and tell me how it goes? or mix IF up with keto thanks for that advice but my routine, diet plans are alot more advanced. I am here to help people out i know alotta things which can help the newbies out.. no need for you to help me i dont have the qualifications but i sure have the experience.
  7. tbh you should correct it.. if your carbs are low which 50g is quite low.. keto diet is having under 30g carbs a day.. you should raise your fats up to 60g a day mate.. lol, as a "PT" youshould know that..
  8. my pictures dont show my back lol.. i will post one up soon, it used to be one of my weak points which is now one of my strongest :] my bench is 160kg on bulk, squat is around 180kg meh it isnt all that, deadlift is 210kg :]
  9. do you.. wait nevermind inb4 banhammer, haha nah mate nice, mirin the traps! look at my thread on progress too xD, skype me bruh! would be awesome for an inbox
  10. You want to lose fat? Come here

    hey.. if you guys want any help, i am here to help, i know my stuff on how to lose fat. im not being big headed but i have experience.. i have been training for 3 years, natural teen bodybuilder.. ask questions :] picture so you know im legit.
  11. Intermittent Fasting

    Oh gawd this diet is crazy.. looking to hit 7 percent bodyfat by summer... i will develop this thread as time goes along. been on this diet for quite a while aha, I have had alotta cheat days.. feelsbadman.jpg my eating window is usually 12-4.. so 4 hours of eating! i intake around 1.8k cals which gives me a decent caloric defict so i wanted to know..anyother brahs on this diet?
  12. Yeah 3 years... i started training at 15 and a half years of age.. im currently 18.. i turn 19 in around 5 months! My name is Gino :] Feel free to ask me any questions i will mostly be in this part of the forums! Current Stats 6"ft 79kg 9 percent bodyfat.. around that maybe less now.. Photo below is quite old.. was a higher bf% This one sucks but meh..