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  1. I was doing 8kill/hr with a lvl 94+ range/mage account using LG and about 400k gp/ profit hr. Now, I started using the bot without LG and now I do 17kills/hr and my profit is 1,2M/hr. I stopped using LG and now my profit is x3 more than before.
  2. David_OM

    Looking Glass

    Ty, now it works
  3. David_OM

    Looking Glass

    I use this version: JDK 8_102.... Also Tried the newest one I found (202). Neither of those work and the error message I get is "No RS client was found. Make sure you are running rs un a web browser. If the rs client is running in 32-bit (it probable is), make sure to run tribot un 32-bit (currently 32-bit)." Tried using osrs server, runtelite and OSbuddy
  4. David_OM

    Looking Glass

    I bought VIP-E for the LG feature and followed the steps to get it to work... I tried both 32bit and 64, also uninstalled every java version everytime I tried it on OSBuddy/Runelite/OSRS server and it didn't work on any server
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