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  1. This is incredibly hard to use with LG, so much lag because of the paint
  2. It tries to pick up other players bones despite my character being an iron man so the character just gets stuck trying to pick up the bones. Can you fix that?
  3. Just wanted to say this is a really well done script man. Thank you!
  4. I messed up and forgot to turn rs on. working fine lol
  5. Having the same problem as OP and this didn't work for me. Uninstalled and installed an older version and I'm still having this issue. Can someone please help D:
  6. If we're botting right now despite the flickering issues, are our accounts safe? Or can they detect that our graphics are flickering and ban us?
  7. Do you mean that you have to start the script with the bank open?
  8. Relax there tough guy, i googled and found that out afterwards. Anyway tried the script out and its broken, I think it has something to do with the timing. It doesn't wait long enough between actions. If author can just fix that it should be working great
  9. Why do we have to be in a PK world... wtf Edit: Just tried it. Script is broken man. First of all I tried starting it at camelot and it just keeps camelot teleporting forever.. so i manually made it click the bank chest. Then it teleports to poh and spam clicks logs with the butler forever and doesn't stop.
  10. Gonna try this out, i'll let you know if I spot any bugs! Edit: First task was kalphites and the script would withdraw the necessary items (pots, teleports, food), then deposit them all in the bank, and withdraw the items again in an infinite loop.. client debug didn't say why either. I think i'm having the same problem as the guy that posted above.
  11. I'm just calling it how I see it. It's a pretty expensive script so criticism is absolutely valid when it doesn't even have guthans support. Also, by the looks of it he doesn't even care about the posts in the thread seeing how he doesn't respond.
  12. Quite possibly one of the worst premium scripts I've ever purchased. It doesn't have Guthans support, doesn't have a tele when food is over option, etc. Apart from the anti-ban its lacking a lot of features and not worth the amount it costs.
  13. Love the script. Helped me get 60 Agility and the Graceful outfit. Keep it up man! Adding some higher level roof top courses would be the icing on the cake IMO
  14. Hey Tri, found some weird behaviour today. I woke up to my bot just standing in place doing nothing, just 10 tiles or so from the starting place trying to log off (keyword: trying. It was either relogging in or not logging off for some reason despite the bot debug saying "5min of no xp, logging off" every 10 seconds) according to the debug. I gained a lot of exp still in the entire session, so my guess it was only doing this for 2-3 hours before i woke up to check on it. I don't understand what gives either, because I still had all my food and combat resources. Any idea why it would do this?
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