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  1. 99 strength done, working on attack and defence now. Nice script Naton!
  2. You should aim for the most afk possible. Limit interactions to a minimum, don't rock cake once hp reaches 2 every time, let it go up to 5, 6 or even higher before rock caking. This script is very good if you know what youre doing.
  3. Also got permed Barbarian fishing at 91. I was able to appeal the perm banned though because I botted on a proxy.
  4. On resizable mode, script plays exactly how I would do it by hand. It clicks bank and anvil on screen instead of using the map. 10/10. Awesome!
  5. Only happens the first time you visit the trawler I think. Just manually close the pop up and toggle to stop rocking the boat. Shouldn't happen again anymore.
  6. Yeah can there be a fix for this? Looks really suspicious. Other than that, the script is fantastic. Love it alot!
  7. Ah it only messes up when I pause the bot and resume a couple seconds later. User error I guess. Works fine left untouched. Great script btw. Thanks!
  8. Reached 99 FM on multiple accounts with this script. 10/10
  9. Works really well. One issue. Currently get logged out alot at sand crabs due to afk. Is there a setting I must tick to have it stay logged in?
  10. Works really well. Have gotten 99 cooking on two accounts!
  11. @Encoded Heya, is there a way for you to make the script not run back and forth between two leaping fish spawns on the minnows platform? Maybe instead you can have it idle for a sec or two or move over to the other section. Other than that, excellent script love the afk mode. I use it alot. Cheers!
  12. Do you use LG (eg. Runelite) or the regular client?
  13. Curious if you bot on fixed or resizable or if that makes a difference at all.
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