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  1. @Encoded Heya, is there a way for you to make the script not run back and forth between two leaping fish spawns on the minnows platform? Maybe instead you can have it idle for a sec or two or move over to the other section. Other than that, excellent script love the afk mode. I use it alot. Cheers!
  2. Do you use LG (eg. Runelite) or the regular client?
  3. Curious if you bot on fixed or resizable or if that makes a difference at all.
  4. @Encoded For minnow fishing, if both spots happen to be flying fish, the bot will run around clicking back and forth making it look really suspicious. Can you make it so that if both spots turns out to be flying fish the bot will wait for a spot change instead of clicking back and forth? Other than that it works extremely well! Thanks!
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