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  1. gratz on release, been using v2 and it was awesome, can't wait to use v3
  2. PM me for more info, I have
  3. I have 8 credits, is that enough?
  4. I have, pm for more info
  5. is this still working as expected?
  6. is still this script going strong? Looking for a script to train a fresh f2p
  7. what kind of graph are u looking for?
  8. Thank you @Fluffee, will try it soon
  9. I've been using Tier.net and I've noticed they provide you IPv4s. I was wondering if they can be used as proxy, if yes, how? They only provide extra IPs and not port, user and pass
  10. This guide is outdated, since oracle has changed a bit how the download system works. You aren't able to download JDK with repository anymore.
  11. Update please, I've tried it on centOS and it didn't manage to install JDK, hopefully it'll work for you
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