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  1. is ThiS StiLl GoinG? POGGERS
  2. already better than a friend vids, GL!
  3. What script did u use exactly? Looking forward to see how it ends
  4. Nice to see an old face coming back, I hope you can fix this and start helping the community again! Welcome back and GL
  5. Looking forward to try this out GL
  6. Thanks for the reply and I'm sorry for that, just being a bit concerned since my last farm was wiped out
  7. how close jagex look into the barrows farms? High banrate? >.>
  8. gratz on release, been using v2 and it was awesome, can't wait to use v3
  9. PM me for more info, I have
  10. I have 8 credits, is that enough?
  11. I have, pm for more info
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