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  1. Shit isn't fixed.. My client just sits there "adjusting camera" til I close everything cause I'm wasting time with a botting client open.
  2. tay

    Buying 1 Credit.

    2m osrsgp for 1 credit.. I know someone has 1 credit laying around please hook me up.
  3. You guys I've been trying to purchase 1 credit all week. Someone fwm
  4. Someone sell me 1 credit for 2m lol
  5. tay

    Buying 1 Credit.

    For 2m anybody?
  6. tay

    Buying 1 Credit.

    Literally just need 1 credit.
  7. these fraud systems are bullshit. i've been apart of tribot for like 3 years and have always used the same payment method and i'm randomly flagged all the sudden as well. "Unfortunately there's no fix once you've been flagged" that's really bullshit as well.
  8. nah bro it's nothing to do with my bank. I'm in the US. not even the paypal option works. I'm not doing any large purchases so they'd never deny it plus I've been doing this since 2013, it shouldn't all the sudden be fraud. It's almost like sythe and their randomized bans for "being hacked" because of accessing the site from a different location. The system doesn't make much sense,
  9. Now i'm stuck with 12.91 credits, and I need .9 to get 13 so that I can get vip-extended and the bot I want, yet nobody transfers .9 of a credit. lmfao which means I just got $12.91 in credits wasting away because of @TRiLeZgarbage ass fraud detection system that he wont fix for anyone. Shit seems like a scheme for people to find more ways to make money honestly. lets randomly detect loyal customers payment methods as fraud so that they have to go through the hassle of paying way more than they actually would with their own money to get some fuckin tribot credits.
  10. wow tribot is shitty for this fr.
  11. Can somebody who actually has part in running the site look into this and give me a solution? I've been apart of the tribot community for almost 3 years now. I'm not about to be spending osrsgp for credits that's doing a disservice to myself.
  12. My IP address changed because I'm home from school on break but that's a dumb reason to permanently mark someone as fraudulent and bad business as well. Especially when there's no fix when I can easily validate myself.
  13. " Payment failed: We cannot process this order because we suspect it may be fraudulent. " what is this bs
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