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  1. got a temp today after one and a half weeks off and on using this bot. I was using breaks as well as looking glass. DIdn't bot for more than 3 hours at a time while using breaks. I thought LG prevented bans. I suppose it's always a matter of time before it comes.
  2. It works, deleted folder.
  3. I was botting last night, woke up this morning and it told me to restart my tribot client. I did as instructed, and after restarting it would no longer allow me to select "Start Script". Why is this?
  4. I did select always allow multiple times, and it popped back up. and when it popped back up it didnt matter what I selected, the prompt would not disappear. <- That's what i'm getting at. I'll try and restart my computer.
  5. This bot is pretty trash. I wasted 4$ for it to do a couple of inventories then flood my tribot client with firewall prompts that I can't close whether I select always allow or not. No other script does this for me and it's going to get me banned cause when these prompts come up my character just stands there until force log out, and I can't close my tribot client because of these prompts.
  6. So I got a temp ban. someone told me jagex can tell when you're using a 3rd party client such as tribot.. is this true or these fools bluffing about their detection abilities? cause i will go back to botting just less hours, but i don't want to hop on tribot and get an automatic banhammer. my temp ban was about 3 weeks ago as well i've been playin legit since
  7. i got a 2 day botting on a new account.. i was botting slayer lol. now i gota play legit for awhile.
  8. I'm frustrated so I'm going to post. It's very relevant to anyone interested in purchasing this anyway.. This bot was cool got me some slayer levels but for a pure there are definite bugs and these bugs are what got me banned. I've pmed you a few with no reply. I observed a lot of bugs while baby sitting before I decided to go to sleep. For example, the bot fails at desert lizard tasks, won't use ice to kill them, just repeatedly bashes the lizard. I literally had to stop the bot, and do the task myself. The bot would waste food by fighting the biggest lizard as well. On top of that when it gets a monkey task, if there is someone afk splashing a monkey it will stand there trying to kill the same monkey someone is fire blast splashing (for hours, obvious bot) instead of finding a new target to kill.. Routes are the same everytime when getting a new task.. who really runs from fally to burthorpe? nobody.. Wastes falador tabs to "set up task" even if you have everything you already need in the inventory.. You say don't double post on your sale thread, well reply to PMs and people wouldn't be inclined to double post. I feel people need to read this though. Despite little issues this is a good script for anyone who's interested, just make sure to baby sit for sure. Thanks.
  9. yeah if you've been bot busted before your ip is probably flagged. last year they erased my main account and banned my mule. I've since then moved and haven't experienced a ban yet, but I have a fresh Ip and everything as well.
  10. Premium draynor rooftop is pretty bot like. if it falls it will run all the way around to the market toward the pig pen, sit there then run all the way back around. wastes energy as well.