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  1. Bot still gets stuck at gnome stronghold entrance when going in first time(that little guy that wants u to help him fill his cart) also when going (prolly from varrock) to falador it gets stuck between falador and draynormanor but total its working alot better this update than last time i used a month ago or so sometimes when going from draynor to alkharid course it uses the northern way, but sometimes it tries to go through the 10gp gate without having the gp and getting stuck
  2. Same had it the whole day evry 1-2hrs, just happened again 5min ago
  3. MIght ccheck ur settings tho .. 90rangemage here
  4. Nope just randomly, didnt happen today anymore didnt change anything tho now all my accs bought 50stamina pots today (even tho still using zulra teleports/didnt change anything in setup since weeks) (nothing too bad ofc, just weird) Edit: Just started some others and realized my accs also get this message today, then buy the staminas [23:25:44] Not enough (0/10) kills worth of data tracked to disk for resource: STAMINA_POT. Using crude over-estimates to compute supply count for restocking. Accs with 1k+ kills in client, no other items with this message (when fresh starting an acc u get this message for all items i think?, but here i only got message for staminas)
  5. Got this a few times today, it seems that that the bot doesnt re equip the trident when swtiching the gear to mage, still trying to attack zulrah with hands tho (not sure)
  6. bot went to ge to rebuy runes for trident, stocked up on all, went back to zulrah without recharging trident, ran out of trident charges and teled away from zulrah
  7. yes same problem here. Stops after almost evry afk since yd
  8. Happened to me a few times now- after breaking the bot doesnt come back but takes a break forever, any idea what the problem might be?
  9. No idea if i could anytime soon. It´s been reloading at GE, using duel ring to tele to clan wars, and then using death runes with themselfs (while needing trident recharged which is still kept worn). It didnt happen again yet anyways... Always the same - as soon as you cry about it, it stop´s ;D
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