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  1. everytime i come home right now, the past two days.... i come and check and my bot has been turned off due to too many instances....... i fucking pay for vip and i only have one tribot open.... why does this keep happening..... this stuff is so annoying to use nothing ever works right it seems........
  2. Its still broke...... DID I JUST WASTE ME MONEY ON VIP FUUUUUUCK it worked for only two days.... i bet they wont refund me either... .so im looosing out on profits gained plus wasted my money on tribot vip extra just for it to not be working.......... please fix and i would love the days I paid for to be reimbursed since its only worked 1 day so far tthen went down since me having VIP. Crazy frustrating because i probably wont be anything and i spent my money to looose money with this software at its current state :(:(:(:(
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