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  1. sl_kelevra

    Disable Firewall

    Thank you sir. All these attempts and I never thought to scroll down
  2. sl_kelevra

    Disable Firewall

    Having trouble disabling TriBot's firewall. Can anyone shed some insight?
  3. sl_kelevra

    Allow all worlds?

    My last check box is Autostart Client. I would also like to disable the firewall.
  4. Thank you! Loving the script so far!!
  5. I'm terribly sorry. I was using a different script. I also accidentally purchased this one Since I have a license, figure I may as well use it. How do I move the overlay?
  6. Hi Aropupu, I'm demo-ing your script now on Iron at Varrock East and noticed that the bot positions the character at the north edge of the mining area consistently The potential issue this is causing is that it doesn't rotate the perspective, nor move at all from the position the character initially lands at. This means that if only the top most iron rocks are visible, those are the only ones it will mine until inventory is full. With other players in the area (even only 1 other with a much higher mining level) it can take a tremendous amount of time to complete a single load. Did I set something incorrectly?
  7. Just wanted to post my experience, Purchased a proxy through Proxy Fish and got about 2 minutes of use out of it before being banned. Literally just got off of tutorial island.
  8. I'm interested in a residential proxy.
  9. sl_kelevra

    Scripts not loading on VIRMACH VPS

    Hey all, I've been experiencing success running TriBot, however after recently purchasing a VPS through VIRMACH, none of the scripts will load into the TriBot instance inside the VPS. Is there an easy fix to this? I have a feeling it has to do with solving the Captcha but I can't do that as the window is too small. (the window in the upper right of the login box)
  10. So it's not just me! Great script, but as previously mentioned, banking in Barb Vill doesn't seem to be functional. I wonder if I can fix this or if someone could walk me through the troubleshooting process? I don't want to post too much as I don't know if private data is in that string. Is it trying to contact and not getting a response? Or maybe the response it's getting is invalid?