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  1. Item ID 99 and 100 produce the same result Doing -100% modifier on the sell price hits the nail right on the head. I'm okay with just doing that.
  2. Lol I failed to edit and crop the image in time. Could you please delete the photo from your quote? How come I can't delete the photo?
  3. Not sure exactly what I'm doing wrong here, but the script is selling at exactly double the OSBuddy price
  4. Every account I've ever run through a proxy got banned. Based on my understanding, the account needs to be played on a residential IP for a moderate amount of time before being switched. I could be completely wrong but this is just my experience.
  5. The only way he will get the message is if people stop purchasing subscriptions. This will not happen so long as the script works well enough that it's usable and there are no comparable alternatives. Vote with your dollar.
  6. Been using the script with moderate success for about a month now. Just came back from eating a cup of noodles and caught the script clicking on a door for more than 5 minutes straight. I managed to keep this account alive for so long!
  7. If you have an account you want to reduce suspicion on, now would be a good time to play it manually. Doing so on both of mine.
  8. I highly doubt it's possible. Would probably make tracking subscription status impossible. I have a feeling it's TriBot that does that and allows scripts to be run.
  9. I don't guess there's any way to manually download a copy of the script I want to run is there?
  10. I think this would be profoundly useful. I enable and disable probably a hundred times a day on average. Just a thought! Even cooler (just thought of it), this would probably be in settings: auto-block when script start button pressed and un-block when script stops.
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