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  1. Hey I'm fairly new still, I generated around 60 accounts with Fluffee's Tutorial Island Script and I checked all the accounts which surprisingly most were not banned after 4 days so when I use them though they get locked nearly instantly (within 10 minutes~) and it tells me to check the email but I generated the accounts using random emails which I do not have access to. Is it possible to avoid these account locks or should I consider generating new accounts and if so how would I go about having access to all these accounts emails. (By hand or is there a way to centralize emails or generate enough emails to satisfy a months worth of botting). Also is fishing shrimp and cooking them the way to go for money or should I consider cooking and use fishing for ingredients, Thanks. 

    Side Note I use HMA Pro VPN and I had a shuffle option which changed the IP every 30 minutes or around per 2 accounts. Use proxies or is VPN fine. 


  2. Just now, Takesoul said:

    I would recommend using VIP-E well worth your time and money. It will allow you to use Human mouse data + movements and also Looking Glass which some say don't work but it does add an extra layer of protection to your account. I would only use it for your main if you do intend to bot on it. 

    Yeah I saw that before I got VIP but I don't think I'm going to use it if I did so its whatever.

  3. 20 minutes ago, gyrate said:

    This is probably the tribot firewall. If you open tribot and then click file and then settings, at the very bottom you should see an option that says enable firewall. Uncheck that and it'll stop. The thing asking for access wasn't your computer's firewall so you should probably re-enable that. It was tribot's firewall which a lot of people say is not necessary/working properly. 

    That would make sense, I unchecked it, testing it now. (Update: It doesn't seem to work, someone else said account creation is failing for them too,)

  4. I'm fairly new to using tribot and all and I just got VIP and all that stuff to run the ExTutorial - Tutorial solver [ABCL 10] [ACCOUNT CREATOR] script and I'm thinking its not working because I have firewall blocking access, (I'm running a VirtualBox of Windows 7) Any ideas how to just shut down firewall completely? I disabled firewall and it seems to still ask me for access so I feel like that could be a problem, thanks!  

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