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  1. Hey I'm fairly new still, I generated around 60 accounts with Fluffee's Tutorial Island Script and I checked all the accounts which surprisingly most were not banned after 4 days so when I use them though they get locked nearly instantly (within 10 minutes~) and it tells me to check the email but I generated the accounts using random emails which I do not have access to. Is it possible to avoid these account locks or should I consider generating new accounts and if so how would I go about having access to all these accounts emails. (By hand or is there a way to centralize emails or generate enough emails to satisfy a months worth of botting). Also is fishing shrimp and cooking them the way to go for money or should I consider cooking and use fishing for ingredients, Thanks. Side Note I use HMA Pro VPN and I had a shuffle option which changed the IP every 30 minutes or around per 2 accounts. Use proxies or is VPN fine.
  2. Could you provide a filled out account creation tab with the strings working? I can't seem to get it right.... (Nvm, Success!)
  3. Yeah I saw that before I got VIP but I don't think I'm going to use it if I did so its whatever.
  4. One last thing, for account creation is this filled out right? Trying to generate accounts.
  5. Alrighty, the one I tried likely didn't work after all.
  6. That would make sense, I unchecked it, testing it now. (Update: It doesn't seem to work, someone else said account creation is failing for them too,)
  7. I'm fairly new to using tribot and all and I just got VIP and all that stuff to run the ExTutorial - Tutorial solver [ABCL 10] [ACCOUNT CREATOR] script and I'm thinking its not working because I have firewall blocking access, (I'm running a VirtualBox of Windows 7) Any ideas how to just shut down firewall completely? I disabled firewall and it seems to still ask me for access so I feel like that could be a problem, thanks!
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