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  1. Is the script bugged right now? It's acting super strange, not eating, not fletching nothing o.o my HC just died (Btw I've been using the script for a super long time it's one of the best scripts I've ever used)
  2. Oh ofcourse I'm sorry I'll upload to Pastebin in the future. The character just stands there does nothing. It doesn't attack the Warlord so it doesn't finish the Quest. It happend at Vampire Slayer as well it just stood at the coffin while the Vampire was up but didn't attack it at all. The first account I ran went pretty smooth it only got stuck on 2 Quests but the second account I'm running today is getting stuck alot on Quests and this is one of them. I'll try to report the bugs in pastebin from now if I run into any more bugs. Other then that the skilling features are all working super smooth.
  3. [23:31:29] Script Started: [Premium] JNMZStarter. [23:31:52] [Fail Safe] Observer Started. [23:31:52] [Debug] Zoom is at an acceptable level. Continuing. [23:31:55] [Bank Handler] : Bank Cache Updated. 69 Items Loaded. [23:31:55] [Debug] Adding items required. [23:31:55] [GE Handler] GE Buy Request Added: 1 x Knife [23:31:55] [GE Handler] GE Buy Request Added: 136 x Mind rune [23:31:55] [GE Handler] GE Buy Request Added: 14 x Lobster [23:31:55] [GE Handler] GE Buy Request Added: 1 x Ring of dueling(8) [23:31:55] [GE Handler] GE Buy Request Added: 2 x Lumbridge teleport [23:31:55] [GE Handler] GE Buy Request Added: 1 x Necklace of passage(5) [23:31:55] [GE Handler] GE Buy Request Added: 1500 x Fire rune [23:31:55] [GE Handler] GE Buy Request Added: 6 x Stamina potion(4) [23:31:55] [GE Handler] Attempting to buy: 1 x Knife. 136 x Mind rune. 14 x Lobster. 1 x Ring of dueling(8). 2 x Lumbridge teleport. 1 x Necklace of passage(5). 1500 x Fire rune. 6 x Stamina potion(4). [23:31:55] [GE Handler] Grabbing price for: Knife [23:31:55] [GE Handler] Overall purchase cost : 1011 x 1 [1.0k] [23:31:55] [GE Handler] Grabbing price for: Mind rune [23:31:55] [GE Handler] Overall purchase cost : 6 x 136 [816] [23:31:55] [GE Handler] Grabbing price for: Lobster [23:31:55] [GE Handler] Overall purchase cost : 1599 x 14 [22.4k] [23:31:55] [GE Handler] Grabbing price for: Ring of dueling(8) [23:31:55] [GE Handler] Overall purchase cost : 1512 x 1 [1.5k] [23:31:55] [GE Handler] Grabbing price for: Lumbridge teleport [23:31:55] [GE Handler] Overall purchase cost : 934 x 2 [1.9k] [23:31:55] [GE Handler] Grabbing price for: Necklace of passage(5) [23:31:56] [GE Handler] Overall purchase cost : 1966 x 1 [2.0k] [23:31:56] [GE Handler] Grabbing price for: Fire rune [23:31:56] [GE Handler] Overall purchase cost : 10 x 1500 [15.0k] [23:31:56] [GE Handler] Grabbing price for: Stamina potion(4) [23:31:56] [GE Handler] Overall purchase cost : 12860 x 6 [77.2k] [23:31:56] [GE Handler] Estimated cost: 121.7k [23:33:33] [GE Handler] Out of usable slots. Reason: P2P detected and all 8 slots are in use. [23:33:33] [GE Handler] Slots total: 8 [23:33:33] [GE Handler] Available slots: 0 [23:33:35] [GE Handler] Updating Bank Cache. Checking items purchased. [23:33:41] [Bank Handler] : Bank Cache Updated. 72 Items Loaded. [23:33:41] [GE Handler] All items successfully purchased. Carrying on. [23:39:08] 0002 [23:39:12] 0002 [23:42:28] [Debug] In Safespot. Attacking NPC. Idk it's happening alot lately on all quests I tried it on the second account on this one it seems to be getting stuck on all Quests almost. It just stands there. Any suggestions?
  4. Ur script is detected. Check this. At what date I put this, I tried it again. Same results, tried everything. I've read your whole thread through EVERYONE is getting banned. I don't understand why you don't accept it that your script has been detected. In the past it was the best Agility script. But now there's no point on using it. Just check your own thread on how many bans people are getting.
  5. I've got like a 5% banrate on Nnightmarezone in the same Discord you are in right now. And I'm also using the proxies you have in your Signature, so that's definitely not the problem lmao. I only use 1 PROXY per account. It's not the proxy that's the issue. IT's the script that's detected go scroll through the comments and you'll see how many people have gotten banned. And scroll further back and you'll see how amazing the script was back in the day. He also has a policy 24-48 hours after purchase it can be refunded and I'm within that time like last time, so.
  6. I've used the script for 2-3 days now again and I really do believe that you are a great scripter. But could I please get a refund? Because the script is just detected, I can't really use it in the current state. Even if I'm botting 2 hours max on the accounts it's just not working with the current ban rate it's too high. I'm only losing money. I would really appreciate it if I could get a refund.
  7. I said it last time as well, like probably 1-2 months ago that the script was detected. I decided to give it a try again with the safest settings possible, only botting 2 hours max. Each on different proxies. The script is still detected just a heads up. The ban rate is super high, same as couple months ago I've gotten over 13 accounts banned tested on all different kind of settings. 3-4 Months ago this was a super script imo I had never any troubles with it, like the ban rate was really low. Just letting you know.
  8. Ur script is not working correctly, everyone is saying plenty of things and ur just ignoring and replying weeks later. Ur pretty sad for not even refunding when ur script has so many bugs. Will never purchase a script of you ever again.
  9. Idk why you ignored this comment, so I'll quote it again as so many days have passed and you didn't even reply to this.
  10. I tried this script a couple days and alot of things aren't working correctly. So may I please get a refund? There's way too many bugs.
  11. Does progressive mode even work? I just tried out the script and progressive mode and all are on. But the agility level is 20 and hes still at gnome instead of going to Draynor. So I just stopped the script and selected Draynor myself but instead of home teleporting it tries to walk to Draynor as well? Hmmm..
  12. This script is really good I've been using it for a while never had any problems. Finished so many accounts with it. But I believe it has been detected now. The last 9 days I've continuesly been experimenting. Looking Glass, Proxies ofcourse. Tried different settings, new mouse speed etc. Taking more breaks. But the accounts are starting to get banned now and fast as well. One account just got banned for doing Priest in Peril + Animal Magnetism yesterday. The other accounts are getting banned for doing 6 Quests. Simple Ones. (Client of Kourend, Xmarkthespot, Varrock Museum, Dwarf Cannon, Restless Ghost, Ernest The Chicken. Also with breaks. Doing 3 first with a couple hours break inbetween then the remaining 3. They still got banned. I just made an account yesterday again and he got banned again on monday for completing these here. On Looking Glass & Proxies. In the past I never had any issues with this script I would literally give it a 10 it was so perfect. I've completed so many accounts with it. But now the last 7 accounts I've used it on 6 have been banned. All with Looking Glass & Proxies and different mouse speed settings and breaks.
  13. Amazing script so far, it works super good. I've encountered a bug that I want to list here. When doing Client of Kourend he gets stuck at the Port Sarim Veos because he tries to start the Quest there. I have to travel myself to Kourend first then talk to the Veos there. (Because there's 2 Veos's) it bugs out a bit.
  14. There was an update today, is the script bugged right now? My script won't complete Tree Gnome Village & Fight Arena. I keep getting error message [21:40:37] Unable to complete any quests in the task list, or all are already complete. Ending script While they are not finished.
  15. I've used this script for a very very long time. In the past time I wasn't getting much bans at all. Now I've tried everything Lookin Glass, Recording, I always bot on proxies and everything was fine. But the last couple months all I do was getting bans on every account got over 30 accounts banned on a period while I tried literally everything. Botted 4 hours a day max, changed settings each time. 1 Account per proxy. Only 3 accounts survived till 70 agility. While in the past of the 30 accounts it was over 28. I don't know if the script has gotten more detectable or Jagex just raised up there things. I just purchased 5 Wed, 20 Nov 2019 12:52:51 +0000 Another 5 instances for a month but I really would like a refund if that's possible. 3 Wed, 02 Oct 2019 16:12:19 +0000 Sun, 01 Dec 2019 16:12:19 +0000 The 3 instances is also still running but that's cool I already used up those days and don't need a refund of that because I've used those days. So I'd like to cancel those 5 instances that I'm not using as it's money waste for me right now as I'm only losing money.
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