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  1. yeah internet is fine, and I dont have an outdated PC or anything idk what it is.. Everything is fine when tribots running and im in the world with everyone running around, the second i start the script after selecting all the options I want tribot turns into aids. Idk what it is you can pretty much run rs on a toaster but running with the lag im getting from this script, im getting 455 xp every 5 mins lol. EDIT: I have fixed the issue, just disabled all paint and anything related to that, works fine now.
  2. Really nice script, but I must say I have been doing wines with it the past few days. I started with 29k jugs and grapes and ill leave it on at night come back it only runs for about 6 hours then somehow shuts down. I mean no problem really but just wondering whats going on.
  3. Same with me dude kinda beat
  4. Script works pretty well, would have liked to seen an animated warrior killing for gathering tokens.
  5. Thanks for all your responses, I hate to switch clients as I use runelite all the time and finally messed with things for it to finally work stable with looking glass although I cant use the keyboard. Anyways I guess ill try and use osbuddy.
  6. Title says it all, whether its pressing any key on the keyboard, hovering using the arrow keys my runelite client and tribot client bot crashes. I am using runelite with looking glass, graphics disabled. If this is caught by a log please inform me how to find the directory, thanks.
  7. antman3121

    Ban question

    Thanks for the response, I have decided to just bot using the vip e scripts and only botting a few hours a week.
  8. antman3121

    Ban question

    Look I know any type of botting there is a chance of being banned. I will no doubt purchase the extended VIP because of human scripts. I started playing OSRS again 2 weeks ago and ive grinded my heart out and have a decent bank. Has there been any bans with tribot recently with the extended vip? All im looking for is to bot sand crabs for combat experience. Maybe a few hours a day that's all. What im trying to see is I need some feedback from yall, I am in no way shape or form trying to risk a ban. Ive heard some stuff about tribots vip human scripts are they really that good and safe?I know this might seem stupid but Ive returned to this game after not playing for years, if anyone can relate please post a response.
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