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  1. hi, I would like a nmz quested account with animal magnetism done from scratch lvl 3. can you pm me on here and not skype?
  2. This is not working atm at all when automatically changing agil locations constantly clicks on the mini map where it cannot go.
  3. If you could have it so it finds it way to the bank chest in the wc guild by yews/mage trees that would be awsomeee! atm i'm having to bot the yews and manually bank :L (whilst playing main)
  4. You said this isn't supported, have you got plans to implement it if not will you?
  5. I am custom chopping willows, I have mouse key dropping selected in gui and it isn't using mousekeys. it is dropping normally.
  6. how do I start the script on motherload mine? theres no start button or am I being thick? found it - click back onto banking and select motherload from dropdown ^^
  7. sorted.
  8. I have no other tirbots open yet it still comes up with the below message. I have restarted my comp and waited like the FAQ suggests. https://gyazo.com/625407ce703bad50cefc34b4223be1fd
  9. there are no check boxes? when I click on that java binary to open tribot it just flashes a little black screen on then off.
  10. https://gyazo.com/7ad3cc152729298e77f0762cf7875582
  11. we can't find the Java JRE, wen right click open with the only java option is Java(tm) platform SE binary
  12. i download the file onto my desktop on windows 10 but then what do I do / how do I open it?
  13. hi, I have recently got a new laptop with windows 10. I downloaded WinRAR, java, JDK and tribot. The tribot folder is just sat on my desktop in a blue folder and when "opened with WinRAR" there are no tribot launch files to extract.