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  1. marcyp

    LG Black Screen

    have you tried what worked for me? run a new client (not looking glass) close the client tab then run a LG tab.
  2. marcyp

    LG Black Screen

    So, I ran a normal client, closed it and opened a LG client.... then it worked. I have no idea how this worked or why but thanks everyone for your comments!
  3. marcyp

    LG Black Screen

  4. marcyp

    LG Black Screen

    says its finished but still get black screen.
  5. marcyp

    LG Black Screen

    It wasn't found, could you type it here so I can c+p it maybe I typed it wrong?
  6. marcyp

    LG Black Screen

    Yeah, I downloaded that, didn't do anything when downloaded. Typed into command prompt and didn't work either.
  7. marcyp

    LG Black Screen

    Since the OSRS update yesterday I am still just getting a black screen when trying to load a looking glass client. I have deleted cache and hooks as suggested elsewhere on the forums. Anyone have a solution?
  8. Script works amazing, been at minnows for a while now and my character is always the last to move spots, its slow to change spot and to react when not to fish it, could you change this is someway or add antban customisation to gui?
  9. ETA on rogues minigame? Edit: when thieving master farmers, zeah east, if inside the house and clicks to go up the ladder accidently it flicks inventory open and close constantly and does not navigate back down.
  10. Hi, if on the arceeus spellbook does the scripts support having a rune pouch and teleing via the barrows teleport spell or just tele tabs?
  11. hey dude, when does the $1 promotion end for 14 days of the scripts?
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