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  1. Hi mate, i don't have skype. The issue is when my internet disconnects, it logs me out (after the 60 sec timer) and then when it logs back in it just right clicks the safe spot over and over. If I then manually attack a tzhaar it will continue like normal.
  2. BUG: When my account disconnects from my internet and reconnects it just spam right clicks a safe spot tile until manually you attack another monster it does this.
  3. As far as i am aware there Is not a script out for killing these! needed: Range support prayer support antifire/super antifire ranging potions prayer potions different ways to get there (main being xerics talisman and dueling ring to bank) possibly use the altar on the way from the inferno teleport on Xerics talisman to recharge prayer moves away from the dragon for "safespotting" customisable loot table alching ability (with rune pouch support)
  4. i am 15 hours in and over 700 kills with just gems and tokkul... pretty sure this is not picking up unique drops!
  5. hi, I would like a nmz quested account with animal magnetism done from scratch lvl 3. can you pm me on here and not skype?
  6. This is not working atm at all when automatically changing agil locations constantly clicks on the mini map where it cannot go.
  7. If you could have it so it finds it way to the bank chest in the wc guild by yews/mage trees that would be awsomeee! atm i'm having to bot the yews and manually bank :L (whilst playing main)
  8. You said this isn't supported, have you got plans to implement it if not will you?
  9. I am custom chopping willows, I have mouse key dropping selected in gui and it isn't using mousekeys. it is dropping normally.
  10. how do I start the script on motherload mine? theres no start button or am I being thick? found it - click back onto banking and select motherload from dropdown ^^
  11. sorted.