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  1. Is this script working?
  2. Doing motherlode mine and its just standing still after banking. Doesnt do it everytime but it will wait till i log out, log me back in and just stand there again lol.
  3. Download the client .jar and try that man.
  4. You cant run a script all day with no breaks and not expect the hammer dude. By all day you mean 12 hour+?
  5. That will probs b antiban making human like errors dude.
  6. Do you have any intention on making a deathwalker/getting it to glory back to edge after emergency teleporting?
  7. I am yeah dude and its taking out a 2nd staff to use the fairy ring to collect my gear. If i dont die it runs flawlessly
  8. Let me know if you solve it as im considering ditching the proxy for a VPS.
  9. Its getting stuck as soon as i TP to the abyss. Selected it to do mining, thieving/agility shortcuts and craft nats.
  10. Hi, if i die the script seems to bug. Im using POH pool/fairy ring. If i have more than one dramen staff in my invy upon regearing it gets stuck in my POH, runs to the edge of the map and just stands there.
  11. Hi thanks for that i managed to get a few back but a couple accounts were banned when i tried logging in
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