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  1. not sure if its just me but when i trys to log back in it is stuck at world select is this a script issue or tribot client problem?
  2. the script just closes it's self when it starts... its from the repository so maybe it needs an update? idk please fix asap its been making me money i enjoy this script a lot
  3. i would like to say this a a great script and all but i have not been able to try it because it will not load up like another devloader script can you help me to fix this issue? got it fixed trying it out soon
  4. well its not loading up for a couple of us maybe its a devloader problem but the script it self is worth it you can purchase and see if it loads up for you if not i think TRI offers refunds no completely sure
  5. i updated devloader but now i can run triyak bot click to run it and go through the firewall promts and then it just doesnt open the gui at all thats what it says under bot debug http://prntscr.com/1l1dgj
  6. no but a vial filler script would be helpful
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