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  1. uninstall java 13 first
  2. no one knows what in dax mind maybe he will add it in the future
  3. delete your java u have java 13 u need java 8 not 13
  4. use fixed mode there is problem with re-sizable mode
  5. u can use script queue and set max run time as for how long to let the script run for
  6. I dont know much about proxy but u can use cli
  7. I will need the client and bot debug
  8. testing1


    I didnt fruit support will be out soon
  9. testing1


    How much an account with the requirments cost ?
  10. it never too late to do any thing just make your mind and start if it is not worth it all clients wouldnt be running so it 100% worth it
  11. Updated the post with the images u can check 100% sure it was on your end
  12. I have 3h+ prog i think it wasnt from my script
  13. Buy Wizard Bomb at Rising Sun Inn in Falador buys up to 700+ Bomb /h requirements : 1-have gold in bank or inventory 2-start at any location but falador is preferred report any bug i will fix asap report progress too gl have fun guys Progress :
  14. Try disconnecting your internet connection then re connect it and try again
  15. RSGroundItem[] itemsOnGround = GroundItems.findNearest((526)); if (!Player.getRSPlayer().isInCombat()){ if (itemsOnGround.length > 0){ if (itemsOnGround[0].click("Take -> item name")){ Timing.waitCondition(() -> { General.sleep(500); return Player.getPosition().equals(itemsOnGround[0].getPosition()); }, General.random(7000, 8000)); } } } this will search for the item with id 526 then click take then wait till the player tile is the same as the item
  16. I am thinking of starting tribot scripting Tutorials for ppl who wan to start scripting there own scripts it will be on my discord server sharing screen with voice call if u willing to join here is my discord server for more info https://discord.gg/PBwAQJn
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