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  1. testing1


    Updated : fix the house interfaces caused by yesterday update
  2. testing1


    Oh yesterday update of rs broke somethings i will be fixing this asap thanks for reporting the bug
  3. testing1

    PC build for 10LG

    idk but i tested it when i used to bot blackjack i wanted 50+fps so without my gpu i always got 20-30 max but with the gpu i always get 50+
  4. There is no way around it u bot u get banned it is matter of time u need to bot smart thats all
  5. testing1

    PC build for 10LG

    With lg it do i tested it with and without if u aiming for high fps
  6. 1-i think u have to close it cause if not all account will have the same abc profile calling close that make every acc have its own profile 2-yeah u have to disable it to be able to use abc2 and the way u said is the correct way 3-i dont use abc2 to eat at i use my own i make it detect the level of hp u have then - arandom number then eat
  7. testing1

    PC build for 10LG

    I think that is perfect but u will need a graphics card just to be able to run 10+ with 50+fps
  8. take care that if u bought the script u only buying instance so each script have a price for each instance like if u pay 5$ for 2 instance u are only going to run 2 accounts at a time else u have to pay higher to get more instance
  9. testing1

    PC build for 10LG

    i was using cor i5- gen 3 with 8 gb ram and gtx 1030 2gb and was running 3 LG clients so i think u will need cor i-7 gen 5+ 16gb ram gtx 1050 ti 4gb
  10. testing1


    X Marks the Spot : has been added added support for only 7qp with randomization added arg support to use all quests with randomization
  11. testing1


    Update : The Restless Ghost has been added
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