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  1. @remiboy https://gyazo.com/b9ee116a4ecd1f54744f06ebacf2e779
  2. testing1


    Script updated >>>>>>>>>>>> 1- Death walking now supported 2- You can Start the script at any location it will do the rest jsut make sure u have any BlackJack in the bank + wine + coins to do >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 1-Lure support to scape combat 2-The other 2 BlackJack low levels 3-The fued quest tell black jacking
  3. testing1


    This is the first free script to do Blackjack in any Bot for now This script is still in beta so please report any bugs and i will fix asap This script still dont support DeathWalking so if u died it will end >>>>>> DeathWalking is now supported but need some test i am working on it Only Food supported it Jug OF Wine Make Sure to start at polnivneach With Gold In inventory and Wine Noted Only Thug supported for now so only level 65 allowed i tested it on acc with 24 hp and it was working great U need a key to run it here is the key use it in arguments box >>> 2019 u can find the script here https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/3353-blackjack/ ****** Make sure there isnt another player in there cause it will not world hop for now i wrote the code for world hopping but disabled it till tribot fix worldhopping
  4. Script back up i had some problem IRL so i had to remove it the new key is Den just write it on the argument box and u good to go please report any bug and make sure u are full zoomed out
  5. This beta will be removed soon for some checking up and updates
  6. Required 1- +50 Agility and Thieving 2- Stamina potion and energy potion {Recommended 10 stamina(4) , 50 Energy(4) It will get the 5 crates for you then logout Still In beta please report any bug almost active 24/7 on discord pm if u need any thing .. U need a key to start the script use this word in argument box as a key Den ******* Don't use without the Key https://discord.gg/srpftSk Get script from here https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/3315-rouge-den/
  7. Thanks for answer but what u mean by that kind noob here just started coding
  8. https://gyazo.com/968bdad38bee939459e2828baf39e830 if i wan the script to end when this node is preformed (after loging out ) what should i do i tried break but it is not working
  9. https://tribot.org/bin/TRiBot_Loader.jar U can use this to accses LG that link was given by @Naton
  10. there is by using the old version of loader
  11. @Naton any idea if u can add LG supported this would be super great thanks BTW
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