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  1. The key is going change today and beta will be close for some time this script is going be private for some time sorry for that announcement...
  2. This beta will be removed soon for some checking up and updates
  3. Required 1- +50 Agility and Thieving 2- Stamina potion and energy potion {Recommended 10 stamina(4) , 50 Energy(4) It will get the 5 crates for you then logout Still In beta please report any bug almost active 24/7 on discord pm if u need any thing .. U need a key to start the script ask for the key on discord here is my discord server ******* Don't use without the Key https://discord.gg/srpftSk Get script from here https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/3315-rouge-den/
  4. Thanks for answer but what u mean by that kind noob here just started coding
  5. https://gyazo.com/968bdad38bee939459e2828baf39e830 if i wan the script to end when this node is preformed (after loging out ) what should i do i tried break but it is not working
  6. i reported him 1 month ago and he is still here gg
  7. https://tribot.org/bin/TRiBot_Loader.jar U can use this to accses LG that link was given by @Naton
  8. there is by using the old version of loader
  9. @Naton any idea if u can add LG supported this would be super great thanks BTW
  10. @@Usa , @TRiLeZ there is no hope to fix LG with runelite ? i have a big problem with fps with LG
  11. make sure u are using osbuddy.jar
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