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  1. @Fluffee i tired it but i do love the old setup than the new one is there any way u could make another version for the old one IDC about java installation .... thanks BTW
  2. guys about coin pouches if there is a lag or a drop fps it just miss click the farmer next to MF and get that coin pouches that is how u get it
  3. bought 130 all went smooth in less than 10 mints going buy more soon
  4. testing1

    Randoms event

    My account some time get stuck while dismissing randoms so i asked the script writer and provided him with some information he said it is tribot bug so i wan to submit a bug report but i have to add pot here first ...
  5. @Encoded is it any way to allow argument for progressive 1-50 ?? thanks alot
  6. same as him please repair it @Encoded
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