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  1. @justhin it just started to open and close the door in this tiles until i close the script and reopen it
  2. are u using the osbuddy.jar ?
  3. there is tons of bugs in this script man 1-witch house it always get cough with the witch 2- romeo and Juliet get stuck in the juliet part and at the last part when romeo go to juliet 3-goblin diplomacy have a bug when it goes to try the chest on 4-two bug at vampire slayer it never goes up the stairs to kill the vampire and never eat food 5-the teleport methods u just can add a hot fix untill V2 is there to buy 30 varrock teleport and 30 lumbrage teleport and 30 falador teleport and never bank then or take then out when he is taking the quests item out at every quest that will be enf to run all the quests smooth if u fixed the bugs i mentions
  4. @HeyImJamie You have time to create a new ٍScript but do not have time to repair your old Script
  5. is your JDK is JDk 8 ?
  6. testing1

    Unable to use LG

    is the lag with specific script or with all scripts ?
  7. i found a bug at the balancing rope in the grome village course and the tree branch the bot just stand undetecting them @Encoded
  8. any specific eta @Encoded
  9. omg great news cant wait
  10. osbuddy LG do some lag for some users
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