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  1. oh got u for now u can withdraw the items in inv and go in advanced tab select dontbank then it should do the quest ignoring the missing items that been said i will add an option for iron man to ignore tabs and use runes if found in bank
  2. update 2.05 1-Added RFD Dwarf for rockCake >>> that wont get u a rockcake it will only do the quest will add another task later tomorrow to get u the cake if the quest is completed 2-added some speed up for Ge buying task
  3. It is easy to be done but the idea is that the script use ge to get items required for the quest
  4. update 2.04 1-Added WoodCutting skill 1-99 full ABC2 L10 with 100% tons of customization 2-fixed minor bugs at fremennik trials , Vampyer slayer and mining skill
  5. update 2.03 1-Added Ice Gloves Task Will check if u have ice gloves in bank or not if not will get u one >> It will save spot the queen to minimal the damage 2-Added Search Task Box now u can type in part of the task u wan but first letter must be capitalized like for ice glove u type "Ice" it will filter tasks for u 3-Improved Buying Phase it will now correctly calculate how many stacks u have of the item and only buy the missing count 4- Fixed minor bug with Mining skill 5- Fixed Small bug with SafeEat not activating upon load profiles
  6. Dentist

    Lookin Glass?

    Follow step 5 and 6 on my guide should fix the black screen problem
  7. Update version 2.02 1- Added Mining Skill AIO can get up to Level 99 With FUll ABC 2 L10 3- Added override for jewelry it will start using any charged one instead of only looking for full charge vJD45BGkZB.mp4
  8. TRiBot Version : 11.1.6 Operating System: Windows 8 Java Version (as selected when you launch the client) : 1.8.0_102 JDK Active Script (or if there was no script active): GQuester V2 Using Looking Glass : yes Additional info : Only happened to me when trying to access Debug tab and trying to print stack trace , or using setting explorer or interface explorer
  9. Update version 2.01 1- Added DaxCustom Keys Back 2- Removed Save Progressive image 3- Added a fix for if u stopped the script while GUI is open
  10. this is the last comment on this thread Script now has become premium Thanks for your support guys
  11. I recommend using Looking Glass as it will reduce the ban rate while using this script
  12. Script has 4 fail safes for withdrawing items from bank so weird that it miss an item . that been said when it fails to withdraw it and go to ge u said it buys all of them ? So u now have 2 of each stone ?? Am I understanding u right !??? if so can u record it while it is failing to withdraw and going back to ge and buying the stones while there is stones in bank
  13. What u mean by buying same item several times bot only buys items from ge when it is missing the item needed for a quest so lets say u need 4 lumb teleports for competition of Retless ghost quest if u have only 3 in bank it will go buy the missing one and will check for all selected quests items while it is at ge
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