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  1. Derik

    Where to buy accounts?

    I am 99% sure account sales are against the rules here. I could be wrong and some mod can come along and tell me I am stupid but I do not think it is allowed on this site.
  2. Nice. 26 whips is not bad. How long did it take?
  3. I have sent a few debugs to your discord dm's. If you are not active on there i can send them here.
  4. You can only sell 5 a month. Unless you get your limit upped.
  5. https://gyazo.com/8e6c81abe1bb6899240edaf299ee6056 I don't suggest it
  6. Your script on start starts hops worlds, logs back in mines one rock, logs out hops worlds logs back in mines one rock. https://pastebin.com/r6egsG3S I would send a debug but it just script started, file name and then df.
  7. I was in the beta for this and I can attest to how quick he responded with the fixes. Ran multiple accounts through without issues after the fixes came through. everyone asking about the quests. Doric Knight sword rune mysteries sheep shearer x marks the spot pirates treasure romeo goblin dip client of kourend druidic ritual varrock miniquest gertrudes cat restless ghost ernest the chicken sea slug imp catcher witchs potion witchs house vampire slayer tree gnome village the grand tree waterfall priest in peril animal mag fight arena lost city merlins crystal holy grail dragon slayer fishing contest cooks assistant rfd chef rfd dward mtd daughter
  8. Derik


    I am 99% sure there auto-ban system runs 24/7.
  9. false. Same exact people working on the bot detection. Im chalking it up to the virus. I could be wrong as well
  10. You did tut on a proxy. Do more research. It will tell you not to do exactly that. I will save you some time reading. You can get banned walking to the ge to buy a bond after doing tut island on a proxy.
  11. When the script goes to breaks it stops.... due to out of resources. Which is false.
  12. You are the man. Quick fixes are nice. You have a discord?
  13. if you run out of gp it repeatedly opens and closes the bank so you must have your full cash stack on you while doing it. Secondly it is a lot slower than others I have used. Only getting about 4k planks an hour rather than 6400 an hour with other scripts. Still not bad though.
  14. if you bot on separate ip's you can most likely get the acc back. I am 12/12 in the past year. Not a lot really but not many of my accs I care to recover.
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