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  1. buy membership with a credit card. I have always gotten a 2 day with that. Now you know the secret. There are ways to make the account last but in the end you will get banned no matter what if you do it long enough.
  2. Rumor has it Naton might be working on one. Join his discord for more information.
  3. Honestly.... he copied Tivia's botting to max youtube series.... not impressed. edit: THO and Tivia are the same person.
  4. I believe the updates they did has caused some issues
  5. Lets be honest the idea for kitty support would be great but cats are dumb. Smart animals but almost useless as a pet.
  6. Not worth it. Advertises fast and easy. They wanted you to wait until they find a buyer before they will purchase your gold. Not fast at all. i will give them this they had the best rates.
  7. Derik

    simply amazing

    Nation is one of the best scripters. I think he should take of nScripts
  8. Well that is honestly more quests than I have I done by hand.
  9. Not sure if I can post here or not. If i can't please delete it. But the scripter is away on the weekdays for training. He will be back on weekends to fix bugs. If you put that in a pastebin and post it on his discord he can see it and fix it.
  10. https://gyazo.com/eb51b5b1e7704e45b1b96f62a11102a8 https://gyazo.com/157a6735da57e9594089c7cd76e20537 This is a Paid ad by nScripts.
  11. Google is a great place to start. Virmach is where I used to get my proxies but I have upgraded.
  12. that sucks. use crypto or only buy and sell from trusted members.
  13. Wait are you selling or buying? if you are buying then you should be accepting no payments.
  14. I have nHerblore, Blast furnace, nmz, and nMagic, I got banned within 2 days using the blast mine one so was not worth the 75 mining again. He has a sale on nRestocker also atm. Just never really liked it with most scripts.
  15. Holy cow a name I recognize comes back. Naton's scripts are amazing. Looking Glass still sucks.
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