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  1. Looks nice! The 100 ms could be tweaked depending on how fast you move (running/walking).
  2. I'll fix the scripts today. So the white screen should stop bugging. The white part is supposed to be transparant. Try to set the auto-mode false and fill in the GUI for Master Farmer and banking on true. It should work then. It's a bug in the auto-mode.
  3. Well, congrats on your first reply. Keep in mind that people who post scripts do this out of free will. Unless you've bought a premium script, you shouldn't really complain about anything. For the crab killer, I don't know why it gives you the white screen. I use a .png image which does cover that whole white area and the paint, but that white part should be transparant, so you should be able to see what it's doing. At the moment I can't update the script. I logged in on my RS account yesterday, and got disconnecred right away. When I tried to log back in again it said that my username/password was wrong. I went to highscores and my account wasn't even there anymore. So I guess Jagex deleted my account. Unfortunately, that also means I can't really update this script.
  4. Use breaks. Hopping worlds isn't that much of an added value if you're just training at men 1-38. It should take about 3/4 hours
  5. Thanks for the good constructive feedback. Much appreciated! Your story sounds kinda strange: being at lumb with full inventory. Did you have cammy tab also? Cuz it should do cammy tele when te script is lost. I'll rewrite the banking and see where I can add some failsafes
  6. Thanks bro, much appreciated
  7. Next update will contain a text field where u can fill in the food name, so it contains all kinda food then. Btw when ur training at Master Farmer I'd recommend doing it at draynor since it banks better there cuz it doesnt contain bankers that are unreachable
  8. Hmm seems like banking is an issue at the moment. I'll try to rewrite that part today/tomorrow.
  9. Afro


    Afro's Application Snipplets N/A Tutorials Simple Antiban Tutorial https://tribot.org/forums/topic/34185-simple-antiban-easy-to-expand-easy-to-implement/ Randoms & Updates N/A Scripts available to the public I've uploaded my source files to BitBucket, because some projects containt 10+ files. I thought it would be easier for you to check it out then - African Thiever Source: https://bitbucket.org/robinhopok/africanthiever Thread: https://tribot.org/forums/topic/34121-african-thiever-1-99-auto-switch-man-master-farmer-supported-smart-thieving/ - African Crab Killer Source: https://bitbucket.org/robinhopok/african-crab-killer Thread: https://tribot.org/forums/topic/20714-african-crab-killer-v20-totally-new/ - African Hunter [Needs refactoring with Node Framework] Source: https://bitbucket.org/robinhopok/african-hunter Thread: https://tribot.org/forums/topic/19992-african-hunter-birds-chinchompas-400-chinshr-24h-1-99-sexy-paint/ Biography Yo, my name is Robin. Though I'm not caucasian. I've been on the Runescape-scene since '04. First thing I did was kill cows. Later I got membership and figured I'd continue my ancestor's legacy by picking flax in Camelot. The difference ofcourse that me and my fellow flax-pickers were unable to sing together but I was in the company of hiphop. Think WTC, cunninglinguists, and other oldschool hiphop. Though as my ancestor's suffered from getting whipped out in the hot sun, I suffered from random events, while sitting behind my windows 2000 - radioactive computer. ~it was all a dream~ 'Biggie' I found my way out. I switched games (maplestory, soldier front etc.) and started cheating in all games. Even in school, I found out that our gradingsystem had some major SQL-injection leaks and noticed that I could log in as an administrator by simply an SQL injection. And so I did. I offered to change my classmates grades in exchange for $$$cashmoney$$$. Ofcourse women would get another threatment. Anyway, I got caught and got into trouble, so I started playing Runescape way more. The only game which was hard, because I was unable to 'cheat' here in a way. Or so I thought. Untill I discovered Sythe.org. I got hella active there and busted my way through the blackmarket, doing what I know best; 'hustlin''. I figured RsBot and started botting. I used RID, Rsbots.net and lots of clients which I could pay for due to my hustlin'. Done with highschool I started University, studying computer science. I learned the basics of C#, C++, PHP, JQuery, Ajax and java of course. I also learned a lot of Design Patterns and learned how to use them in my advantage. I kinda quit Runescape, got a women (who still feeds me) and started scripting for fun and cashmoney. Then I got some nostalgiadream where I fought kids ranqe, elvemage and zezima at the same time, while not wearing a helm but an Afro. I basically 2 hit zezima (who was a safing noob) and made kids ranqe and elvemage run like bitches. I turned my computer on, did my thang. I found out Tribot is Runescape's leading botting-community. Started making some scripts and enjoyed the feedback and positive reactions from the community. I'm extremely ambitious because I want to be rich so I can join the illuminati and control my hood. There's some kid Tyrone who's been bullying me and he's a drugdealer now. I wanna disrespect him. ~anybody can be a rapper but not anybody can be a classical artist~ 'Nas' I deserve Scripter status, because I'm an excellent scripter who knows multiple languages and who's still learning. I'm responsible towards my aimed group (this community). My aim is to be a celebrity in this community. My hiphopskills aren't that great so I figured? Eh yo why not be a scripter. In other words, I have a goal and I want to prove myself (if I didn't already, just check how actively I updated my scripts). I'm also into other exact sciences. When it comes to math I'm especially interested in the field of combinatorics and graph theory (which courses I followed). I'm good at comprehending stuff, and a great problemsolver. I'm also good at talking to people. I've applied here a few times already and used the feedback I retrieved from you guys to improve my programming skills. Summarized? I think I could be of great contribution to this community if you just let me do my thing. I can make you laugh. I just enjoy the thing I do and would like to share that 'thing' with you guys! I plan to provide the community: I will try to help this community with new scripts, tools, tutorials and snippets whenever I get some good requests and/or ideas. Do you agree to continue to not only update, but provide more free, open sourced scripts to the community? Yes. Reactions to feedback:
  10. Great, if you need any help setting up and or scripting/GFX dont hesitate to hit me up. Hope to hear from you soon on this forum.
  11. Hmm that's weird man. Could you please send me a video of you using the script with parts of it going wrong (the things you mentioned above)?
  12. I really don't like id's. I do understand your problem tho. I can make a text field where you can fill in a food name if you want? Instead of the current dropdown menu.
  13. Afro


    Can you view the evidence?
  14. He can do Jad w/o any prayers, he will most likely tank it.
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