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  1. This script got me a pet on one of my weekend goldfarm accounts lol
  2. No need, works fine now! Only seems to happen on one of my vps got hit pretty bad with bans today, 6 accounts banned! however they were all on one vps so I'm pretty sure it was a chain ban
  3. caught the script in a ge loop, this one didn't seem to be resolving. Types 'coal' but doesn't select it, closes the window and repeats https://i.gyazo.com/e79674a2b0c070b698e9261925be27da.mp4 only seemed to happen and now its fine.. weird
  4. Found 5 mins of this in the debug. It sometimes has problems using the minigame teleport where it will repeatedly try to open the list to select 'blast furnace' however it will close and it will have to reopen it, causing it to loop. It always gets there in the end though but just worried this could raise a flag within jagex's bot detection systems
  5. It just muled successfully, appears to be fixed! Thanks for the quick update, will let you know if I find any other issues with it! By far one of the most well coded scripts on tribot
  6. Hey, so now it offers the money (the amount after subtracting the 500k to leave on the account) but then proceeds to offer the rest of the money (leaving the account with nothing), but then it doesn't press accept. The trade window stays open until I press accept myself, and then it carries on as expected
  7. Hey, so it opens up the trade screen but doesn't put any gp up on the offer, causing it to close the screen after 5 secs and loop - if I offer the amount manually it will continue with the trade and do the rest
  8. Cool, just waiting for bot to mule now, will let you know if it works. one question, is it required to have the bots on the same world as the muler, or will they switch back and forth? just wondering because I'd like to spread my bots out between worlds if possible
  9. So muling seems to be enabled now that the update has gone through, however after the bot sells the items it gets stuck and doesn't mule. This is what prints in the debug, any idea?
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