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  1. I've currently been writing a full set of f2p scripts from scratch on & off since last year and running tests on multiple accounts to determine how they classify an account to ban. From my trial & errors of around 60 accounts that have been botted on tutorial island and beyond, the top offenders for having them banned are 1. The ip the account is playing on. (I exclusively bot on residential ip and vpn now and stay far away from socks5. Even creating my own socks5 proxy would = instant ban after botting tutorial island.) 2. Not taking breaks. (This is honestly the biggest factor imo) 3. Playing for an unreasonable period of time, especially in sleep hour time in your timezone. (once or twice on the weekends is fine but do this for 3 days straight and don't be surprised at a ban) 4. Script bugging out/repeating unintended actions for a long period of time. (even the smallest of actions should be written as a boolean and logged) 5. Inhuman reaction times after performing a task such as killing an npc (a big one) 6. Using webwalker I strongly doubt looking glass plays any factor in avoiding bans, just from a technical perspective. Also, I've botted on accounts that haven't been played on in years with no bans.
  2. Make sure your default paypal email is what your using on tribot. A paypal account can have multiple registered emails, so double check this.
  3. The client is not detectable. As for avoid getting banned, check out this post -(although looking glass is not needed at all)
  4. What needs to be fixed immediately with TRiBot 11: Break manager seems to be broken. Doesn't load any of my previous profiles even when attempting to create a new ones.
  5. I'm going to migrating all my scripts to Kotlin soon, thanks for this.
  6. Yup I'm aware of the announcement. Just wanted to know if that is the future of TriBot or if reflection scripting is still worth pursuing.
  7. I've been away for a while and noticed some ahk scripts gaining popularity for mobile and runelite. Just wondering if using and writing bots for the clients like TriBot is worth the trouble anymore now that the trend seems to be reverting back to pixel based bots (especially with mobile). Are reflection/injection based scripts still worth using? Any major differences in ban rates anyone care to share?
  8. @wastedbroDuring your tests, did you use a vpn/dedicated ip?
  9. The day I return to these forums and am greeted with this. Exciting stuff!! And Kotlin too? This is why you all are my favorite devs.
  10. Thanks for the reply Einstein, Yep I''m currently extending and building on top of the Clicking class and adding features that I find useful that match my playstyle - overshooting targets based on distance from start point to target point being one. And ah ok, Human mouse data loads successfully for me but still the Clicking class or dax's AccurateMouse class seem to "precise", people don't really hit their intended targets so consistently on first attempt, usually overshoot slightly then trace back (unless their on mobile and tap, speaking of which a android mobile bot client would be remove all this human mouse nonsense huh). Just something I'm having fun with/exploring. thx again
  11. I see that DynamicMouse uses Fitts law, does Mouse also? Should we be using the Mouse or DynamicMouse class? Also, do any of these classes occasionally overshoot and retrace back to the intended point using factor such as distance/speed? Thanks
  12. Hmm Judging by Trilez explanation on "Generating Supporting Tracker Information" It appears getWaiting() like above represents the waiting time of the entire action from the point it was clicked on to its end. Guess this thread can be closed unless im still way off.
  13. From - Waiting Time: The amount of time we were waiting for in order to perform the action we are wanting to do now. I'm a bit confused on how to implement this factor when generating reaction times. Would it just be this. 1. beforeAction = Timing.currentTimeMillis(); 2. Do action that requires player to wait such as cooking or killing a cow. 3. afterAction = Timing.currentTimeMillis() - beforeAction; Then just use the variable afterAction as the Waiting Time factor? Thanks,
  14. Hey everyone hows it going, So figured it'd be nice to write scripts as a hobby now. Haven't botted on osrs ever let alone been around this space in many years. A little background about me, I have around 7 years of coding experience, mainly in java, with a b.s. in compsci and ~2 years professional experience. Hoping to contribute greatly toward scripting here. Figured the best way to start is to play a gamemode I made up for myself called "bot man mode"which is like an ironman type mode but you can only bot on your account(s) using only scripts you write. So atm I just finished writing a tutorial island script which I finished a couple of days ago after learning the tribot api this past week and a half or so. Theres a lot of utilities provided by members such as laniax and dax that I wish I knew about earlier on which made my life a lot easier. Working on a aio-tanning script atm, open to suggestions on other gold making methods you'd guys like to see scripts for. My plan is to have a massive 30+ bot farm in around a month. But all and all glad to be here ?? will try my best to be active
  15. Just bought a private api key and this thing is very very smooth. This is my first week creating osrs scripts and WebWalking was seriously the biggest thing I disliked while using the TriBot api. Thanks Dax!
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