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  1. is there any way to make response time lower/faster since its mirroring the client
  2. glass mode been working for over a week now today one of the bots had this error and after restarting other bots have same error wont even load glass mode anymore
  3. if it helps i can support this script if u put it on store
  4. buying 5 credits
  5. just the hydra bones for now would be fine just gonna link the rest of the bones so u can see if ur missing something else aswell
  6. Is there option for world hop instead of loging out when its blue pattern? Some rotations when using only mage it wont protect from magic dmg even tho u get hit by magic couple of times when switching positions. Also when using magic only and zulrah is on magic form spawning mobs bot is just standing there waiting for new form to spawn instead of hiting it with magic. When zulrah isnt killed in first big rotation and second one is blue so it wont log out since its almost dead instead its using pray magic on and just standing there meanwhile it could just try to hit zulrah with magic.
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