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  1. shutyuyuyu

    USA Dragon Killer [500k/hr+][ABCL]

    Does your script need vip? If I want to make multiple accounts, can I use it on an account?
  2. I want to buy it, but I can't set it up. I can only set up nearby monsters. I want him to become a normal robot. I can pick things up and go to the bank to store and remove items and then continue to attack at the back location. Can anyone help me?
  3. shutyuyuyu

    USA Dragon Killer [500k/hr+][ABCL]

    I want to use this script, can anyone help me set it up? I don't know. .
  4. 我想得到一个肉体爬虫脚本。有没有人可以帮助我?
  5. shutyuyuyu

    Buy tribot vip points

    I need a tribot member, and a script. I need help