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  1. Set the eat slider to "6" and a variation of 1 so it'll eat at either 5/6/7.
  2. New GUI is amazing. No bans so far on my HCIM post 99. Thank You @Encoded
  3. Have been botting 24/7 for the last 24 days or so. Flawless script, [email protected]
  4. @Encoded Perfect script, would it be possible to increase the reaction times on fixing the brazier for construction xp? At the moment it's a bit too slow and results with almost no cons xp. Cheers.
  5. Amazing script. Ran for 6 hours/day with no errors or bans, got me 99 cooking doing only Wines in less than 5 days.
  6. Suicide botting does not work anymore for this script or for any agility script in fact. I mean it's no suprise to get banned after like 14hrs straight but a couple months ago i could go 48hrs+ with this script and never get banned so i think jagex has updated their detection a bit.
  7. Should be up and running in a bit.
  8. There are no slayer scripts. You have to use combat scripts and like Optimus said you need to restart it every time you complete a slayer task.
  9. Like others have said, do small services for free and ask them to leave a positive feedback/vouch so you get more reputation. As you get more reputation you start raising your prices slowly. ?
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