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  1. how do I work the preset? I set everything up but when I click preset there is nothing there. please help
  2. what if im 78 ranged 60 def 31 pray? or 73 ranged 60 def and 31 pray? how much?
  3. Im wanting to use break handler, but im not sure what these exactly do. Please help me with this. I would highly appreciate it! Runetime ( im guessing this is the total time the bot is ran? ) Randomness Duration Randomness Occurrence
  4. I never bot tutorial island. so im not sure
  5. Anonymousj


    so everything goes well while botting, then when I log the bots out from the script and log on to the actual osrs client I get banned 5min after. happened on 3 accounts, should I not log on right away after I bot?
  6. I got banned from fishing guild 2 times from 68 to 70. I made another account just doing trout and its at 71 fishing level. im doing no breaks, could that be the problem?
  7. Anonymousj


    how many credits do i need for VIP?
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