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  1. Did you ever find a solution for this?
  2. Thanks, I found it! If you don't mind, I'm going to ask something else, haha... How do I go about linking Eclipse and Tribot? I'm trying to import packages from Tribot, and following Mat's tutorial ( ) But am having a hard time following it because I'm on a Mac.
  3. Hi, I'm quite new at scripting but just wanted to try it out. I bought VIP-E today, so I should have access to local scripts. I downloaded Eclipse, JDK 131 and the latest version of Tribot. When I open the client, I go to File -> View Local Scripts Folder and nothing pops up. I unpacked TRiBot_Loader.jar file with Archive Utility (10.10) and the contents are as such below (attached). I would appreciate any help.
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