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  1. The box interaction to get inside is breaking for me as well. Quick suggestion, it seems to take its entire cash stack with him. Could be dangerous if unforeseen deaths occur? I think its pretty easily fixed by withdrawing a certain amount. Running great except these 2 things. Will update more and add proggies as accounts progress
  2. Looks awesome! Any plans for CLI support? Would buy so many if it did. Even a "last" option that would take the last GUI config would be amazing. OH NVM IT DOES, YOU LEGEND
  3. What am i doing wrong senpai It also doesn't seem to remember the quests it has to do. When i remove quests and call "last" it still tries to do them all. Also Ernest the Chicken bug.
  4. Throwing me a nullpointer exception I could debug it for you if you give me a peek at the source
  5. Does this script support script arguments? For starting it from CLI?
  6. I'm having trouble with external jars and the Unoffical CLI (FalSkils). When i add my external jars to the bin folder, its seems to override them everytime i run. I tried adding the jars to the classpath of TriBot in the manifesto of that jar. This seems to trigger an update of the client which then gets overwritten. Any help in the right direction would be much appreciated. (PS when i debug from intellij it seems to work fine) NVM apparently we just aren't allowed to run scripts using reflection.
  7. Problem i am getting now is that the jars seems to get replaced on every build. Is there a way to avoid this?
  8. Anyone getting the error? Could not find or load main class org.tribot.TRiBot I referenced it in my configuration so i don't exactly know what i'm doing wrong? For anyone else, this is intellij derping out, just create new run configuration.
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