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  1. A little suggestion, if the script hops after somebody is nearby/talks it should reset the worldhop timer.
  2. Any ETA for Werewolf course to be added to V3?
  3. Getting the same error as the users above
  4. I will test it out soon, but why does it use mouse to interact with butler instead of number keys?
  5. https://pastebin.com/wsN6nDZA Opens building interface and just shakes mouse in one place while building teak benches at garden, using Looking Client
  6. Sleep multiplier set to 0.5x and building teak benches is extremely slow with Looking Glass, I'm talking about 70k xp/h. No fps or connection issues. Client debug spams out to do presets using only mouse when i didn't press a single button on my keyboard. Even with hotkeys turned on, it just uses mouse instead when interacting with butler. Unusable currently for me at least.
  7. Could you change it so that runtime and xp/h pauses during breaks?
  8. Option to generate random breaks like Runemate has. You enter max time between breaks, minimum time between breaks, max break length, min break length + bunch of other shit and it generates them for you.
  9. Ran new account through 1-30 smithing and The Giant dwarf quest with no problems. Beautiful script, no complaints! Will report back later on bans or the lack of them.
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