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  1. Whenever the bot tries to click special attack on my dragon axe, it does some weird back and forth pattern to the left of the special attack button
  2. Ive been wondering, lets say you manually do red chinchompas for a couple hours a day, the next week you bot red chinchompas for a couple hours a day. Do you think jagex would pick up the difference between your human movements and bot movements?
  3. just started using the free trial. I'm level 10 doing crimson swifts. Mostly every time I check this trap, pick it up when there is a bird in there, It right clicks on the raw bird meat, tries to drop it and it doesn't drop it, that it has to go back to the raw bird meat and then drops it on the second try. Looks very bot like to me.
  4. Hello, I'm all new to botting, jus started using this on gnome agility course. I found it a little slow so I put my mousespeed up to 125-135. But I find it weird that while the character is on a obstacle, its not hovering the pointer over the next obstacle(for most of the obstacles atleast). I would be thinking that hovering over the next obstacle in very human like, which is what we are trying to achieve, or am I missing something??
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