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    22 Years old. Over 1000 hours of software development. In school for computer science.
    Long time botter. New scripter. Won't stop til I'm premium!
  1. I recently got the moderate two-day ban on my new main. I accidentally fell asleep and ran the bot overnight. I was using a premium agility script, without VIP extended (so no human mouse movement or looking glass). Do you guys think that by using VIP extended, being careful not to bot ridiculous hours, and using premium scripts, I am okay to continue botting yet? If any of you have any experience with this I would appreciate some insight! Thanks
  2. reinstalled

    New scripter. Introduction and what Im working on!

    Yes, I noticed the lack in some categories too. That's exactly why I am starting with Farming. I mentioned it will be a herb farmer, but I've changed code to eventually implement all plants, types of runs (mixed runs too ie. herbs/trees). Thanks for the warm welcome @zdogg !
  3. reinstalled

    New scripter. Introduction and what Im working on!

    Thanks! Congrats on releasing Relative Agility! You're killin it! Good luck to you too @Einstein
  4. reinstalled

    Where can I find a decent opensource script project

    @hyperr222 Hey man! I myself was searching for open source scripts yesterday. Here are two that I found to be extremely helpful for the architecture ideas! Both are active in the free scripts repository! Fluffee's Red Dragon Killer: https://bitbucket.org/Fluffee/fluffeesreddragonkiller/src/master/ Assume's Assume-Chopper https://github.com/Assume/Assume-Chopper Lastly, going through the free scripts repository may lead you to find some open source scripts if you check their threads. I also searched the repository by "open source" which is how I found Fluffee's RDK. Scripter applications is maybe the best recommendation!
  5. Hey everybody! I just wanted to officially announce my entrance into this community as a new scripter! A little blurb about me: (followed by what I'm working on!) I've been botting for ages! Just on a different account. As a scripter I wanted to use a different name, hence the fresh account. I love Runescape. I botted an awesome level 138 on RS3 with so many 99s and gold before resigning after EOC. I was always absolutely fascinated by all of this. Tribot and its scripts were actually a huge influence on my decision to go to university for computer science! I have an associates degree in general studies and was once very uncertain what I wanted to get my bachelors in! I am currently about to finish my second (out of four) semester as a computer science major. I have an internship with a software development company and have well over 1000 hours of experience in coding, using ReactJS mostly, coding all kinds of things for a piece of software! The university I go to teaches Java, which has finally brought my long-term goal of scripting into fruition. Anyway, I am looking forward to interacting with this community and becoming friends with you people! I can't wait to make some kick-ass scripts. I am currently writing my first open source project, a farm run script for herbs! I am planning to code in a smart "Friend" Player-owned-house finder to use it as the primary method of transportation and restoring run energy. Stay tuned! Thanks for reading and feel free to reply or direct message me! I would love to bounce ideas / chat with anyone! Much love and appreciation to this community, reinstalled