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  1. I think you're better off throwing ice cubes at the sun.
  2. Not everyone is an avid forum member and may only take to the forums when an issue arises... Also it doesn't really seem reasonable to discount what people are saying based on their post count. I mean dont get me wrong I really appreciate your advice on how I should live my life.. although it isn't relevant to this Thanks for your help anyway
  3. Well I havent done any of that.. and im not saying that Tribot hacked me either, i think its great, so i hope that clears things up. Also im a very average cucumber.
  4. Okay, so I logged onto my account today and found my character in clan wars at the banking chest. I had left him in Lumby. I use a unique password and I only use a popular combat/magic script. I did store my account info within the bots settings in case it was logged out. I haven't been using the computer for much else over the past week since ive been busy. Has there been some sort of database leak? What could have happened?
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