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  1. This script worked great for crafting cosmics to level up to 44 for natures. It used the high level shortcut perfectly, unlike the other RC script that supposedly "auto detects" the shortcut for you. I liked simply selecting which shortcut to use before running it. Now I have over 5000 cosmics in my bank on the ironman. Unfortunately I have no use for this script now because the Fairy Ring route to Nature ruin is not operational. It can't seem to click the ring to teleport through to Karamja. Is this method going to be patched any time soon before my 1 month runs out? I would *GREATLY* appreciate it.
  2. The script seems to crash while making gold amulets. It seems to say [ABC2] Destroyed every single time it returns to the furnace after banking. Is this a user error or is there a problem with the antiban?
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