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  1. if you figure this out can you post here. I've been having the same problem with it hooking, but i can't click
  2. I've been having a problem where when I get LG set up using OSBuddy, my clicks don't register through the tribot client (I can click on OSBuddy, so its an issue with the client). I'm on a mac using JDK-8_211. I've deleted and redownloaded both Tribot and Java, but with no luck.
  3. For sure, I manually did that step on this account and the script is currently doing fine after. In the next few days I'll be running another and I'll send screen shots then if it happens.
  4. seems to get stuck at the step before "talk to Jethick" on plague city. It'll say "watering_patch" while getting all the way to the pipe, then it teleports back to castle wars.
  5. Having an issue where it freezes upon starting the script and crashes the client on my mac.
  6. is looking glass still broken for anyone else?
  7. Hey @Netami, I'm not sure if you're open to suggestions, but I've been using the script so much I figured I'd try. It would be awesome if we could use magic pots to increase the damage from the trident seeing as they're so cheap. I was also wondering if there's any way you could allow users to drop the reaction time even lower, I find I take quite a bit of damage from ideling in the tunnels and it would save some cash if it was slightly faster, and honestly, I think it would be a bit more human like.
  8. Sounds like you might be using LG on runelite? If so turn off your barrows plug-in.
  9. Works fine now with the update. However, can you make it an option to turn off prayer flicking? when doing the tunnel brother it's actually using more prayer pots because having auto-retaliate off is resulting in a lot of non-attacking time. Edit: The prayer flicking is also not very precise, causing me to take a lot of extra damage.
  10. Thanks I'll give those a try! Where do I disable the looking glass plug in? Edit: Problem is gone when I don't use looking glass. Runs perfectly!
  11. [11:16:15] Downloading script 'nBarrows'. [11:16:19] Script Started: nBarrows. [11:17:08] We are attempting to solve the Dismissible Random random. [11:17:14] We successfully solved the Dismissible Random random. [11:17:16] Multiplying all ABC2 sleeps by 0.58 Min eat: 55 [11:17:34] [DEBUG]Dharok:MAGE:true [11:19:05] [DEBUG]Dharok:MAGE:true [11:19:26] [DEBUG]Dharok:MAGE:true Opps sorry! Here it just runs back and forth between Dharok and Arhim, even when I've changed the order of the brothers.
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