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  1. The line it doesn't get is "I'm looking for a quest." Spelt exactly like that with the period in there.
  2. If I run another account through it I'll get it. It is when Client of Kourend is not complete.
  3. Noticed on several accounts click "I'm looking for a quest" when talking to veos for x marks the spot. Runs fine after I manually do it
  4. nRestocker Naton is the best customer support and constantly updates his scripts. This one in particular has allowed me unmatched automation of my accounts/botting
  5. Hey JJ, any chance of adding CLI so you can load a previously saves options
  6. With the new GUI it seems that the "block user input" option doesn't work while running the script
  7. Not sure if F2P is supported, but i'm trying to do vampire slayer and it gets stuck trying to buy a varrock teleport instead of just walking (or using runes if that's possible?). purchase;vampireslayer;mousespeed:150;minsleep:250;maxsleep:500;disableidler [16:55:30] EzGrandExchange: Successfully withdrew coins [16:55:39] EzGrandExchange: Using offer slot: 1 [16:55:39] EzGrandExchange: Opened buying offer menu. [16:55:42] EzGrandExchange: We do not have enough of: Varrock teleport [16:55:44] EzGrandExchange: Using offer slot: -1 [16:55:44] EzGrandExchange: Opened buying offer menu. [16:55:55] EzGrandExchange: We do not have enough of: Varrock teleport [16:55:55] ABCTracker: Picking up mouse. [16:55:56] EzGrandExchange: Using offer slot: -1 [16:55:56] EzGrandExchange: Opened buying offer menu. [16:56:04] Script Ended: EzQuester v1. If I try running it wihtout "purchase" [17:51:20] java.lang.NullPointerException [17:51:20] at scripts.ezquests.vampireslayer.o.g(VampireSlayer.java:115) [17:51:20] at scripts.ezquests.vampireslayer.o.g(VampireSlayer.java:431) [17:51:20] at scripts.ezquests.vampireslayer.o.g(VampireSlayer.java:24) [17:51:20] at scripts.ezquests.o.g(EzQuest.java:246) [17:51:20] at scripts.ezquesters.ezquester.tasks.QuestTask.g(QuestTask.java:85) [17:51:20] at scripts.ezquesters.ezquester.EzQuester.run(EzQuester.java:243) [17:51:20] at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source) [17:51:20] Script Ended: EzQuester v1.
  8. Loving it so far, seems to be running without any problems, and Optimus has been super receptive to my feedback and eager to continue improving it.
  9. if you could implement agruments, even something like "Last" it would be perfect for using with nRestocker to mass run accounts through it
  10. Loving the script. If you're taking suggestions RFD quests to get mithril gloves would be bomb.
  11. Knights sword is getting stuck on setting up in castle wars. Argument used: purchase;usedueling;useglory;usecombatbrace;doricsquest;impcatcher;witchspotion;witchshouse;waterfall;knightssword;mousespeed:150;stamina;staminapurchasecount:8;Staminacount:4;minsleep:250;maxsleep:500;endatge;disableidler Screenshot/gif (including paint): Bot debug (txt file or pastebin link):https://pastebin.com/KhWZu6pR Client debug (txt file or pastebin link): Nothing Any additional info to provide:
  12. Hey sorry this isn't in the official format, but i noticed for moutain daughter it keeps trying to use Trident of the swamp and then gets stuck on setting autocast.
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