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  1. Any chance of updating this for tribot 11?
  2. Fair enough, Idk if there's a really efficient way of doing it (no Varbits or game settings I'm aware of), but if you have a task and talk to Turael, he'll give you this dialogue which tells you.
  3. Congrats on Premium! Just purchased it after using the beta for a while with no issues. Any chance you would add point farming in? i.e. do 9 tasks at turael and the 10th at another master?
  4. Script runs great, idk what everyone is crying about. Good stuff as always man!
  5. Going to echo myself, could you implement arguments, even "Last"? Love it otherwise. Simple, but effective.
  6. could you add the "Last" arg for v2? Otherwise it's working amazing!
  7. The line it doesn't get is "I'm looking for a quest." Spelt exactly like that with the period in there.
  8. If I run another account through it I'll get it. It is when Client of Kourend is not complete.
  9. Noticed on several accounts click "I'm looking for a quest" when talking to veos for x marks the spot. Runs fine after I manually do it
  10. nRestocker Naton is the best customer support and constantly updates his scripts. This one in particular has allowed me unmatched automation of my accounts/botting
  11. Hey JJ, any chance of adding CLI so you can load a previously saves options
  12. With the new GUI it seems that the "block user input" option doesn't work while running the script
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