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  1. If the trials were only meant to be used once or twice before I buy it why are there no limits on how many resets you can get ? P.S. @Netami don't worry I still have trial time left on all your scripts.
  2. @Fluffee will probably keep asking for my paypal until I stop replying to him xD
  3. Using phials would be beneficial.
  4. is human mouse really that important?
  5. Are we going to get an extension on our VIP?
  6. I've ran this script for more than 20 hours, I've never seen it use run once.
  7. I haven't managed to replicate this, I think it may have been an issue with custom area and the radius being too small. But another thing I noticed, why does this bot never use run?
  8. My accounts keep getting locked (like as though you had just logged into an IP in different country). Not blaming your script but some advise on how to fix would be nice. Settings - Using fresh proxies (for about ~5 accounts) - Starting advanced client with the proxy. - On the account creator script adding in the same proxy and ticking both proxy creation and captcha. As soon as I start a new advanced client (with the correct proxy) and play on the account I get kicked out of the game within 15 minutes and account is locked. Would appreciate any insight.
  9. Great stuff thanks! It's also getting stuck on "Walking to trees". I set it up fine and then I check back on it 30 minutes later and it doesn't cut wood for 10+ minutes. Doesn't happen in all instances but noticed it 5 times the past 4 hours.
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