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  1. Would not use this for blackjacking.. tried the trial and when it has to lure the bandits, it never does it right and i have to do it manually. If the luring gets fixed will happily buy it. Also doesn't close the curtain after unnoting food and returning back to the bandit.
  2. If door isn't open just spams 3 and wont fix itself If happens to click on Crafting Tutor it does nothing and spams 3 and wont fix itself
  3. good shit, works great. probably would have paid for this lmao
  4. Just travel to waterbirth island with the ship.. lol who would buy this?
  5. Same one from Sythe? If so this guy is awesome. Bought from him and sold to him a couple of times and it's always easy to work with him. Also, if you're Canadian always ask for a Interac transfer or bank transfer !
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