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  1. @Fluffee sorry for getting back to you so late, but I finally figured out what the issue was. When the GUI or whatever the interface is called that pops up to enter in the info, i was always clicking on create account or something or another and i tried it without clicking on that option and 10 accounts later here i is!! Thank you for getting back to me in a timely manner and i'm still learning the in's and out's of botting and i'm sure i will be making a few...welll quite a few noob mistakes here and there. As far as the script being broken @CyberWizard it's still running strong on my end and i'm not sure how to correct your problems, but i'm sure they will be resolved in a timely manner. Thank you!!
  2. @Fluffee i used your script for the first time last night and tested it making one account and it went well. However, when i tried to use it today, i would load all the acc info in and like i did last night and now when i click start, it stops the script. Any tips sir?
  3. Bot is broken. Was working really good getting some good hrs out of it and now 3 accs got banned all in under 10mins. It's weird because i have another client running and it didn't get banned and only the one that was Wcing using this bot did.
  4. How do I go about updating my current client to the newest client?
  5. My first time ever using this script. I used it along side with a top notch script for my into gf farm and both accs ended up getting banned. User Beware!!
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