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  1. A2MM

    Max Time To Bot

    yep month worth of work
  2. A2MM

    Max Time To Bot

    so this just happen just got perm banned with 8 99's
  3. Working fine. Depending on your Operating system windows fine works rl Mac OS fine, works both os and rl
  4. A2MM

    Bot Busting

    thats why i have 5 more accounts on different vps
  5. A2MM

    Bot Busting

    Haha I’m not worried
  6. A2MM

    Bot Busting

    Woodcutting with my own private script
  7. A2MM

    Bot Busting

    Lucky I’m so close to 90 fletching 85 woodcutting, 60 crafting, 85 mining 70 smithing Combat lvl 89 with 80 star 2 weeks worth of work
  8. I’ve had 20 accounts banned in week and half
  9. Okay hey everyone so im researching Rs ban system , all scripts im using ive paid, so in last week ive had total 20 accounts banned, using different methods of my own and just sucide, ive noticed once you start getting randoms, your account has been flagged. for instance last week one of them had been banned, and i look over clients and i noticed it snapshot banned, then log back in after 2 minutes, so jmod had made a mistake in selecting User config, im slowly getting behind this ban system, before they changed it ago, This is my First Attempt using Looking Glass, after getting a account banned every 2 days. i know my ip is flagged by now. so im gonna try the looking glass method and see if theyll will ban this throwaway
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