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  1. Box not checked Thanks for responding so quick I love your scripts Einstein I wish I coded like you. How do I go about restarting the client Just delete and re download from tribot.com?
  2. I've tried everything i can think of, can anyone one help me or have an idea of what this could be? Anyone one else having this problem?
  3. Within the clients firewall drop down, everything is allowed? Is that how it is supposed to be? Otherwise, No idea what the problem is? I changed a few things in internet connections. It's doing the same thing with Auto Fisher Pro I Was devestated lol That one is so good
  4. Yup, I tried that but to no avail. It's been doing this with other scripts as well. Perhaps i have too many activated at once?
  5. Hey OP, I bought the script, but it will not transfer over from the repository to the tribot client. I've loaded and reloaded and have waited for maybe a day? Could you help me solve problem as to why I can't see it under the quest folder when opening scripts in the client?
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